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feeling envy now? hp revamps high-end pcs with gobs of solid state storage

by:QY Precision      2019-12-09
HP\'s product segment is quite unique, with its Pavilion series at the low end of the consumer market and Spectre series at the high end.
The Elite Series is also located at the high end, but mainly for commercial customers.
Not only is its product line reasonably built, it is also equipped with excellent options such as Spectre x3 60 13, Spectre x3 60 15 and EliteBook x3 60 g2.
However, the company cannot sit still and needs to constantly update various lines to ensure they continue to provide good value to customers.
This is exactly what the company did in its recent introduction, focusing on HP\'s jealous line and Ghost 2-in-
1 Refresh for better measurement.
Almost all Windows OEMs have a Surface Pro-
Like a removable tablet 2-in-
1 device, the version of HP is Spectre x2.
Apparently, Microsoft doesn\'t mind the original device manufacturer copying its basic design, and spectrx 2 has some real freedom in this regard as it\'s a tablet with a stand and a multi-stand
Angle removable keyboard.
The newly updated spectrx2 simply takes advantage of the advantages of the original model and makes it better.
The first is to migrate to seventh.
Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors
Power Core M processors that can help improve performance.
HP also increased the maximum RAM to 16 GB and doubled the maximum storage capacity to 1 TB PCIe SSD.
Finally, Intel Iris Plus graphics is the option to get higher performance in productivity tasks.
The weight is 2 points.
The keyboard is connected to 49 pounds and the thickness is 0. 52 inches.
HP also improved the display with the new 12. 3-inch 3K2K (3,000 x 2,000)
Now in Microsoft\'s resolution panel-
3: 2 aspect ratio.
It\'s a little small from the 12 th. 5-
The last generation of inch displays, but arguably better for productivity, work, and enjoy higher clarity at 293 pixels per inch.
Of course, it\'s still a 10-point multi-
Touch display that supports HP active pen and Windows 10 ink.
Finally, as with today\'s classes, the display bezel is reduced to make the overall footprint smaller.
Hinges and keyboards have also received some attention.
The hinges of the previous generation were thought to be too complicated, so HP designed a simpler solution that lost the release button and now just swings down to 165-degree angle.
The included removable keyboard provides dual magnets with adjustable angles and a complete 1.
On the 5mm key itinerary, HP strives to align and resemble the typing experience offered by traditional laptops.
The keyboard base also includes a wide glass
Touch pad with cover.
In terms of input and output, Spectre x2 now contains two USB types-
C. Gen1 port and 3.
5mm headphone jack.
The speakers are in front now.
Use cut shot in glass and HP audio enhancements-
In other words, discrete amplifier
Make sure the sound is full.
Finally, the 5MP HP TrueVision HD Webcam provides infrared support for Windows Hello through facial recognition.
Pricing for HP spectrx2 will start at $1,000 for Intel Core i5 processors, 8 gb RAM, and 128 gb ssd --state disk (SSD)
Pen included.
The configuration with Intel Core i7, 8 gb RAM and 256 gb ssd will run $1,280.
The new machine will start shipping on June 2017.
The machine is the same dark gray Silver (
(Dark gray)
This is used throughout the ghost line.
Here are the specs for the new HP spectrx 2: HP\'s jealous lineup is between Pavillion and Spectre series, promising a better experience at a softer price.
The Envy range includes traditional flip-top laptops, suitable for 2-in-
1. hp refreshed the Envy of both ends with the new Envy 13 and Envy 17 machines.
The new Envy 13 is made of machined aluminum on the lid and around the keyboard tray, and then a stamped magnesium chassis is used.
It\'s a thin machine at 13.
95mm, lighter at 2. 72 pounds.
HP has dramatically reduced the border size on both sides, and the brand new Envy 13 has also trimmed 10.
The width on both sides is also 3mm, so the chassis is much smaller.
Silk gold and natural silver are available in two colors.
Envy 13 use the seventh-
The new generation of Intel Core processors from i3 to i7, equipped with an optional Nvidia GeForce MX150 2 gb GPU, can improve work efficiency.
Up to 16 gb of RAM can be configured with storage ranging from 128 GB to 1 tb PCIe SSD.
The display options include 13 options. 3-inch Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)and 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160)resolutions.
Battery life is estimated at 14.
Full HD display 25 hours, 12 hours.
4 k uhd Display for 5 hours.
Keyboard provided 1.
3mm travel, an advantageto-
Edge design, HP adds the same main row key to the right
Hand side used with other nearest machines.
HP has combined elevators-
The keyboard design that opens the lid creates a more comfortable keyboard angle and improves ventilation (
Similar to \"elevator-and-
Lock the keyboard on some Lenovo Yoga models).
The touchpad is HP\'s standard wide glass-
Covered version and LED-
The Alexa fingerprint scanner is embedded in the upper right corner of the TouchPad and supports Windows Hello.
Two USB types are included in the connectionA 3.
Port 0 for two USB types-
Port C Gen1, microSD card reader and 3.
5mm headphone jack.
Audio is provided by quad-core HP speakers equipped with HP audio boost discrete amplifier and Bang & Olufsen tuning.
Envy 13 will be available on June or July 2017 with Core i5, 8 gb ram, 890 gb ssd and full HD non-configured prices starting at $256
Touch the display, the same configuration as the full HD touch screen will be $1,000.
The Envy 13 comes with Intel Core i7, 8 gb RAM, 256 gb ssd and 4 k Ultra HD touch display for $1,180.
The following are the specifications of HP Envy 13 laptops: while light and thin laptops are popular today, HP recognizes the need for a larger system and is therefore updating its largest laptop, envy 17.
HP focuses on providing customer needs in such a large machine, especially performance improvement, battery life improvement and high
Display resolution.
To provide a machine that is both beautiful and durable but of a reasonable weight, HP uses machined aluminum on the lid and keyboard tray, and plastic on the rest of the chassis.
HP will Envy 17 thickness from the previous generation of 25. 5mm to 23.
3mm, weight comes in at 6. 73 pounds.
Envy 17 has two display options, full HD and 4 k Ultra HD, 4 k Ultra HD provides 95-
Support sRGB color range percentage and full HD 72-percent.
Processor options include the Seventh
Intel Core i5 and i7 generation, as well as Nvidia GeForce 940 m x 2 gb graphics cards are all in-hand.
Up to 16 GB of DDR4 can be configured with RAM, dual storage options include up to 256 GB of SSD and up to 1 tb of hard drive (HDD).
An optical DVD recorder is also included.
Battery life is estimated at 10.
With a full HD display for 75 hours, HP uses fast charging technology to boost battery power to 90% in 90 minutes. The full-
The size keyboard includes a digital key disk and the usual HP wide glass-
Below is the covered touchpad.
Audio is provided by dual Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers with HD audio boost discrete amplifier.
HP WideVision full HD webcam includes an infrared camera that supports Windows Hello.
Powerful connection including USB Type-C 3.
Port 1, three USB types-A 3.
Port 0, HDMI connection, Gigabit Ethernet port, multi-port
Format of digital media card reader, and 3.
5mm headphone jack.
HP Envy 17 will be available on June or July 2017.
For configurations with Intel Core i7, 16 gb RAM, 1 tb hard drive and full HD display, the machine will cost $1,130.
Here is the specification for the Envy 17 laptop: HP is Envy 17 2-in addition to refreshing the Envy 17 laptop-in-1 machines.
The new model is in the 360-larger category
Degree exchange 2-in-1s with 15. 6-
HP offers versions of Intel Core processors and AMD APUs.
HP specifically pointed out the design and manufacturing changes of the latest Envy x60 machines and pointed out the micro-
Thin bezel with CNC machining accent and stamped aluminum chassis.
The company is also focusing on new backlight edges --to-
Edge keyboard with digital key disk and 1. 5mm of travel.
The last focus area is the use of HP\'s gear hinges in a variety of 2-in-1 modes.
In terms of color scheme, HP will provide AMD models with deep gray silver and Intel version of natural silver.
The enviable x3 60 is now much thinner than the previous generation, with 10.
Shave 15mm on each side.
Weight starts at 4. 75 pounds.
Display options include 15. 6-
Inch IPS full HD or 4 k Ultra HD though high
The reslution option is only available in the Intel version.
The display is 10-
Multi-Touch display with HP active pen support.
The Bang & Olufsen tuned dual speakers provide audio.
In terms of power, HP offers the seventh option
Intel Core i5 and i7 processors or AMD A9, A12 or FX APUs.
The Intel model is equipped with Nvidia GeForce 940 m x 4 gb graphics card.
Configurable up to 16 gb of DDR4 RAM, dual storage options include up to 512 GB of SSD and up to 1 tb of hard drive.
Battery life up to 11.
Use the Intel processor for 5 hours, up to 10 hours.
Cooperate 25 hours with AMD APUs.
Both versions provide HP\'s fast-
Promising charging technology
Charge percentage within 90 minutes.
The connection includes a USB Type-C 3.
1 Gen1 connection, 2 USB types-A 3.
Port 0, HDMI port, microSD card reader and 3.
5mm headphone jack.
The HP WideView full hd webcam includes an infrared camera that supports Windows Hello.
Envy x6015 will be available from June or July 2017.
Machines with AMD FX
9800 p apu, 8 gb ram, 1 TB full with full HD display for $700.
Intel configurations include $830 Core i5, 12 gb ram, 1 TB hard drive and full HD display, as well as $930 Core i7, 16 gb ram, 1 TB hard drive and full HD display.
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