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feed optimization for five-axis cnc machine tools with drive constraints

by:QY Precision      2019-10-07
Five-real-time control
Shaft machine tools require smooth feeding, acceleration and impact in CNC systems without violating the physical limits of the drive.
This paper presents a feed scheduling algorithm for CNC system to minimize five
Axis contour machining of carved surface.
Change of feed along five-axis tool-
Path is represented by Cubic Bspline form.
When looking for the best feed along the tool, the speed, acceleration and impact limits of the five axes are considered
Path to ensure that the servo drives run smoothly and linearly with minimum tracking errors.
By iteratively adjusting the feed control point of B-, the optimal feed movement of time is obtained
Flower key slot along the tool to maximize feed-
The path without violating the program feed and the driver\'s physical restrictions. Long tool-
The application of mobile window technology can handle paths effectively.
The productivity of the five drives and the improvement of linear operation with five-
Axis simulation and experiment on the CNC machine bed.
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