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features of twin spindle machining centers

by:QY Precision      2019-09-14
The CNC dual spindle vertical machining center enables the manufacturer to basically double its output level while utilizing only a small portion of the space of the floor and the operator, which is contrary to the two separate machines
The dual spindle machining center can be connected or even work independently, which requires more flexibility when working.
When the loading area is isolated from the work area, the process of loading and unloading during the machine cycle becomes quite easy.
There are three different work packages in the vertical machining center of the double spindle.
It is also equipped with HSK 63 and 3, 4 & 5 shaft processing solutions.
If you are looking for a final machining solution for your requirements, the gradual reduction of the 100 spindle enables you to do this!
Overhead tool changers are always isolated and away from work areas and allow you to use up to 20 HSK 63 tools.
You can choose between models such as 3000, 8000, 6000, RACER turnkey solutions or 10 k.
It also has a variety of configurations such as: CNC flexible automated manufacturing CellCNC horizontal dual spindle machining center CNC 5-
The spindle machining center of the double spindle machining center CNC double spindle vertical machining center these machines are full of various CNC and mechanical functions, for example: Conclusion these reasons and so on are the reasons for the double spindle machining center
The spindle machining center has become so popular today!
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