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fears for amazon workers as company rolls out robots that automatically pack orders

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
Amazon will start launching machines to automate the work of thousands of employees, according to reports today.
New technologies have been added to some warehouses to package customer orders.
It is said that these machines will scan the goods on the conveyor belt and pack them in a custom box after a few seconds
Two Amazon workers told Reuters that each item was available.
The project\'s staff said that two machines might be installed in dozens of warehouses, each canceling at least 24 roles.
These facilities usually employ more than 2,000 people.
This will be equivalent to 1,320 layoffs in 55 standard fulfillment centers in the United States. Stock size.
The multinational, known for its as many automated businesses as possible, is working to reduce labor and increase profits.
However, the automation of the most common warehouse task-pick-up-is still out of reach.
The company, one of the largest employers in the United States, has opened new warehouses and raised wages to attract tight workforce.
It has recently been reported that some workers have a \"bad\" working environment and only have nine seconds to pack an item.
A spokesman for Amazon said: \"We are experimenting with this new technology to improve security, speed up delivery and improve the efficiency of the entire network.
\"We expect to save efficiency again.
Invest in new services for customers, where new jobs will continue to be created.
Amazon recently played down its automation efforts, calling the future of a complete robot far away.
One source said the online retailer\'s goal was to create a more streamlined workforce and no longer take on the packaging role one day.
The new machine is called CartonWrap by Italy\'s CMC Srl company, and is packed much faster than humans.
The sources said they took out 600 to 700 boxes per hour, four to five times the number of human Packers.
CMC declined to comment.
Amazon says the latest round of automation is not about speed.
\"This is real efficiency and savings,\" a spokesman said.
\"Amazon\'s technology suite will be able to automate most of the manpower Packers.
The person said that five rows of workers in a factory can be turned into two rows and supplemented by two CMC machines and one SmartPac.
The company described this as \"re-
The person said the \"purpose\" workers.
More than Amazon tested CMC packaging technology. Other e-
A business giant like Jingdong.
Com Inc. and Shutterfly Inc. also use these machines, the companies said.
Wal-Mart Company was established.
According to a person familiar with its pilot, five years ago, the company had installed the machines in several parts of the United States.
The company declined to comment.
A major problem in the logistics industry is to find a robot hand that can grab a variety of items without damaging them.
Amazon has hired countless employees to store inventory, pick customer orders and grab them, place them in the right box and tape them. Many venture-
Supported companies and university researchers are racing to automate the work.
One of the sources said the machines had the potential to automate more than 24 jobs in each plant.
One of the people familiar with the matter said: \"The ultimate goal is to \'light\' the warehouse . \"
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