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faulty wiring likely cause of ‘escape room’ fire in poland, firefighters say

by:QY Precision      2019-09-25
Polish investigators accused the escape room of leaking gas from its heating system on Saturday, killing five young girls and injuring one man.
Bodies of 15 peopleyear-
On Friday, in kozalin, North Poland, firefighters put out a fire in a nearby room and found some old victims.
Prosecutors say the possible cause of the death was the inhalation of carbon monoxide. A 26-year-
The elderly working at the site were hospitalized for burns.
Koszalin prosecutor Ryszard Gasiorowski said the leakage of the bottled gas heating system at the site could be the cause of the fire.
Earlier, firefighters accused the electrical wiring of failure and the failure of safety procedures.
Gasiorowski said a fire may have occurred in the reception room, preventing the way staff evacuated the girls.
Autopsy will be performed to confirm the cause of death.
Firefighters and other witnesses who put out the fire are being questioned, he said.
The situation of the injured employee cannot allow him to ask questions immediately.
Read more: Five teenage girls were killed in a \"escape room\" fire in Poland earlier, national fire chief Leszek Suski said on Saturday that the site\'s wires were
\"Security is not guaranteed, which leads to tragedy,\" Suski said . \".
He said there was no proper evacuation route or \"a lot of negligence\" at the site \".
Tomasz Kubiak, a spokesman for the local firefighters, said that the forces responding to the fire must use specialized equipment and forcibly enter the \"escape room \".
Poland\'s interior minister ordered fire safety inspections of more than 1,000 \"escape rooms\" across the country.
The Interior Ministry said the first inspection was carried out on Saturday.
Previously, fire safety certificates were not formally required at these locations.
The \"escape room\" game is very popular among Polish teenagers, players are locked in rooms or buildings and they have to find clues to help them get out of the room.
Prime Minister moravic expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims.
The officials provided psychological, spiritual and other support to the families.
Schools where teenagers attend provide advice and support to their friends and colleagues.
At noon on Saturday, students and residents attended a Catholic mass at the local church.
Local residents put flowers and lights in front of an independent house.
These girls are friends of a school class who are celebrating one of their birthdays.
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