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Express companies increase price at different range

by:QY Precision      2019-10-23
According to the interview, Shentong Express increased the service fee.
For example, packages shipped from Shanghai and Huangzhou to Yunnan, Guizhou, Jilin and Liaoning may cost more from 12 yuan to 15 yuan.
These products shipped to Xinjiang and Tibet may cost 6 yuan and 21 yuan more than 15 yuan in the past.
6 yuan interest rate hike is the highest increase in the industry in recent years.
However, Shentong Express did not charge for the goods delivered in the same city.
The senior director said that Shentong adopts the franchise model and franchisees can adjust their prices on their own, which is market-led and driven by rising costs.
The two major sectors of continuous cost, labor cost and transportation cost of express delivery industry, labor cost accounting 35-
40% and transportation cost accounting 25-40%.
Before 2005, the courier company could get an unexpected profit of about 35%, but now the profit has dropped to nearly 5%. The quality of the service may decline, such as the product can not be delivered on time.
Or the industry can impose more restrictions on the initial price and charge more for the extra weight. E-
For the price adjustment of express delivery companies, the business is sensitive, and the lower price can promote e-commerce.
But rising prices could squeeze profits from e-commerce.
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