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experts predict that chinese tungsten carbide industry will meet the golden ten years other article from business

by:QY Precision      2019-10-04
In the Tungsten Industry, tungsten consumption of cemented carbide accounts for about 50% of the total consumption of Tungsten Industry.
Therefore, the development of cemented carbide industry plays an important role in the development of Tungsten Industry.
China\'s tungsten alloy industry began to develop and continue to develop in the 1950s S, and has made remarkable achievements, becoming the world\'s largest manufacturer of cemented carbide, but the overall technical level, especially high-value products, there is still a gap with the world\'s advanced level.
In recent years, China\'s economy has entered a stage of high quality development, which brings great opportunities to the development of cemented carbide wear parts, mainly in two aspects:
The rapid growth of the machining solutions industry, one is the steady growth of energy, mineral resource development and infrastructure construction using hard alloys and tools.
Machining solutions are the core products of the cemented carbide industry and the key to the development of the industry, facing it is the manufacturing process of automobile manufacturing, CNC machine tools, aerospace, military, machinery, mold processing, 3c industrial processing, ships and marine engineering equipment.
For example, in the automotive industry, Dong Yang, vice president of the China Automobile Industry Association, pointed out that in the next few years, the number of cars in the Chinese automobile industry will reach 50 million, thus, the number of CNC carbide blades can reach 4 to 0. 5 billion pieces in the automotive industry.
As with the manufacture of mechanical molds, China is the main producer and consumer of cemented carbide molds.
In the next 10 years, the total output value of China\'s mold industry is expected to be about 500 billion yuan.
Like the Chinese aviation industry.
In the next five years, China\'s new general-purpose aircraft is expected to reach 3 thousand, commercial aircraft will begin production, and various models of military aircraft will be replaced.
The development of related industries provides a powerful market traction engine for China\'s machinery industry.
Processing solutions industry.
Zhang Zhongjian predicted that by 2025, China\'s mechanical processing solution, cemented carbide tools, will earn 17 billion yuan to 35 billion yuan from the current annual sales revenue, including about 30 billion carbide blade and carbide tool size 2.
PCB Tools 6 billion.
By 2035, China will become the global intelligence center and technology research and development center of tungsten alloy industry.
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