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Error of CNC precision parts machining shaft system

by:QY Precision      2020-02-17
In the process of CNC machining, the error motion of CNC precision parts machining shaft system can generally be divided into the following four types: 1. Radial error motion ( Radial errormotion) Also known as radial motion, it is the sum of inclination motion and pure radial motion at any axial position. 2, axial error motion ( Axial errormotion) Also known as axial motion, it is the axial movement of the rotating axis and the axial moving line relative to the latter. 3, inclination error movement ( Angular errormotion) Also known as inclination motion, it is the inclination motion of the axis of rotation in the plane where the axial motion and the radial motion are located, relative to the axis average. 4. The end face error motion is also called the end face motion, which is the axial error motion at a certain distance from the axis average line. For Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers, the source of errors in the machining of these CNC precision parts is mainly related to the geometric accuracy of the spindle, spindle sleeve and bead sleeve in the shaft system and the intermediate medium (Pieces) Related to the performance, quality and elastic average effect of bearings, Carcass, lubricating oil, gas, liquid, magnetic field, etc, many factors such as vibration, deformation, thermal drift and environment in the use of shaft system related components.
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