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ernie schramayr: step by step, you can rebuild muscle after major surgery

by:QY Precision      2019-10-29
A reader contacted me last week and asked a question that she hoped I could help her.
She was born with a hip defect and in order to correct the problem, she had repeated surgery on the same area of her hips and thighs.
She also spent a few months in the plaster after the operation, causing muscle waste.
Her question is divided into three parts: 1.
Is it possible to rebuild the muscles that are cut and fixed? 2.
How much work will be involved? 3.
Why do muscles shrink at first?
All the questions are great!
I will answer them as much as I can.
I think I will start with the last question and go back to the beginning.
When the muscles \"contract\", this is due to a phenomenon called muscle atrophy.
Atrophy is contrary to obesity, which refers to muscle growth when lifting weights or doing other resistance exercises.
The main reason for muscle contraction is lack of activity, although as limb movements become more challenging, diseases such as ALS, MS, muscular malnutrition and peripheral neuropathy can also cause muscle waste.
As far as the reader is concerned, it is clear that her muscle waste is the result of surgery and support, which makes her legs unable to move.
In very simple terms, the way a person gets more health is by adapting to the new stresses applied to the body.
The muscles become stronger (and bigger)
When you ask them to do a little more than before.
In the gym, this is called \"progressive resistance training\", which is a fancy way to describe weightlifting.
Simply by the action of lifting weights (
Or machine or pull resistance band)
If the challenge is not big enough, it is not enough to rebuild the muscles.
Usually, the most effective weight to maximize muscle growth is that you can only lift 8 to 12 times before rest.
Repeat these three sets.
As you get stronger and stronger, lifting becomes easier and easier, it is essential to increase the load required for sustained muscle growth.
The short answer to this part of the question is that when the muscles are not challenged, they contract, and when they have to adapt to new stimuli, they become stronger and stronger.
The workload required to note positive changes depends on many factors.
Start medical exercise in about 12 weeks.
The Op is used for total hip replacement and only when the customer does not have an open wound, they are fully loaded, have minimal pain and are discharged from hospital with physical therapy and have medical clearance.
When these conditions are met, one can start with a strengthening plan designed to help restore the functional strength and endurance of activities such as climbing stairs, walking and getting in and out of chairs.
The focus of the training should be to enhance strength and endurance in the hip spinner, hip muscles (the butt)
EPS (thighs).
Age, overall health, consistency, and nutrition will all work during the time it takes to rebuild the muscles you are working on.
With regard to the reconstruction of the cut and fixed muscles, I spoke with physical therapist McKenzie Buttineau, who performed physiotherapy in Hamilton, for expert input.
She says the muscles can indeed be rebuilt after being cut during surgery.
This process will begin with scar mobilization techniques such as rubbing massage or ultrasound therapy to restore the appropriate movement patterns and range of motion in the affected areas.
As mentioned above, strength training will bring about a functional improvement in about six weeks, while muscle enlargement will be significant in about eight weeks.
The good news is that the frustration of experiencing repeated surgery and recovery does not mean that further improvements cannot be made in the affected areas.
With planning and continuous tracking, the body can continue to experience the improvement of strength, endurance and function over time.
You can follow Ernie on erniesfitnesworld. com.
Medical exercise specialist Ernie schramayo helps his clients manage medical conditions through exercise. 905-741-
7532 of Gmail or erniesfitness world. com .
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