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Electrical model, high precision machining precision

by:QY Precision      2020-01-13
Before the rise of precision machining, the research and development of many products was not as convenient as today. We know that the mold production is to invest a lot of money, if there is a mistake, the loss is huge. Now with the service of the precision mechanical parts processing factory, as long as there are 3D processing drawings, everything becomes very simple. For example, before mass production of electrical products, a supplier is usually found to do precision machining. First, a model can be used to check the accuracy of product design and whether it meets the use function. If everything is OK, the precision mechanical parts processing factory can start mass production to avoid unnecessary losses. However, the electrical models made by General precision mechanical parts processing plants vary greatly in precision, especially the high precision is difficult to achieve. Last week, an old customer introduced Miss Su to Shenzhen huachaohui Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. to talk about cooperation, and the other party should do precision machining of electrical products. And our experience in this area has been very rich, there are many customer cases, and the requirements for electrical products have long been clear. Shenzhen huachaohui Precision Machinery Co. , Ltd. adopts precision machining, which can greatly reduce the number of tooling, even for machining with complex shapes, without complicated tooling, and the processing stroke of our equipment reaches 2000. For more than 10 years, we have far surpassed the average peers in the precision, appearance and quality of precision machining, and can provide customers with one-stop service. In the eyes of many old customers, Shenzhen huachaohui is a good partner, can provide all kinds of electrical precision machining services that customers want, the effect is very good! If you are also interested, you can contact our customer service.
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