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Electrical Discharge Machine And Its Working

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
This is one of the simplest machines designed to assemble different and different parts in the manufacturing process.
This machine accurately and timely connects all parts of the object.
It uses an electrode that generates a current or spark and forms an arc between the electrode and the object.
The process is very simple and very affordable to use this machine.
This machine uses wires made of copper brass. The wire is connected to the part containing the current, which is further connected to the power supply.
It is very important that this process generates a large amount of heat that damages other parts or particles in the object.
Therefore, to prevent them from burning, insert objects into the dielectric fluid in order to cool as soon as possible.
The whole process is carried out under strict supervision.
The machine offers the advantage of rotating the electrodes, so deep cutting can be done easily.
A basic type of this machine is called the wire line, which is used to cut different objects of different shapes.
Drill holes on the object and start the cutting process.
Other types of EDM are sinker EDM, which uses different electrodes consisting of copper or graphite to provide the desired shape to the object.
Also, what I would like to discuss is that there are three types of transistors used on this machine.
It consists of a transistor power supply system.
This generates discharge energy and increases power through a capacitor in parallel.
The use of the capacitor allows the current to pass through a few microseconds.
This is the main reason for using capacitors as they will allow the current to pass through a few microseconds.
If the current exceeds this, the heat that will be generated will burn the object, or it will lose its shape.
So we see that there are two main types of EDM, and they have a slightly different process.
One is the discharge processing using the transistor power supply system due to lower tool wear.
Another is the capacitor that uses the capacitor in the generator to control the electrical flow through each interval.
Time can also be adjusted according to your requirements.
This capacitor generator is mainly used for EDM of small hole drilling.
Drilling on materials such as metal is different from drilling on wood or walls.
Metal drilling needs to be done with special care by using electrodes that generate sparks and make the process smooth and easy.
The machine is easy to use and the process is simple.
Manufacturers want to reduce the time to cut and connect parts at an affordable price.
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