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Electric motorcycle smashes speed record

by:QY Precision      2019-11-23
A legendary recording artist once said, \"I will never stop if you let me start.
Maybe he\'s talking about electric motorcycles.
On Sunday, Lightning Motorcycles broke the land speed record of producing electric bicycles at a speed of 30 miles per hour, becoming the world\'s first electric bicycle manufacturer to exceed 200mph.
At salt flats in Bonneville, Utah, a protester interrupted Harris\'s run, lightning-
I should note that the land speed record holder for 2010 --
Electric super bike in its lightning at 206.
079mph, the record of the compensation difference 176mph last year.
Paul Thede, head of competition technology, has set a world record by cycling with the help of Lemi International\'s propulsion motor. The California-
Richard Hatfield and a group of Silicon Valley engineers set up a motorcycle engineering company.
In addition to the record, their reputation is to sell the exact configuration of their race
Win bicycles for consumers.
David Huron has more at the examiner: Hatfield\'s team of collaborators designed every detail in CAD.
This allows them to send instructions to the CNC machine to make each part, thus copying the racing car and several other configurations 100%.
They are racing with A & (who has an on-
CNC machine tools on site)
Let them prototype parts quickly and they can produce more parts using CNC manufacturing workshops. A build-to-
Ordering a bike like this will cost you at least $38,000.
The company says it is using competition to stimulate innovation in an attempt to redefine what you insert into the consumer\'s \"pocket rocket.
If you are familiar with electric trains, you will know that with instant torque, the nickname has never been as real as it is now.
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