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dylan’s desk: jobs act will trigger growth in the innovation economy

by:QY Precision      2019-09-29
The Employment Act is a complex and flawed piece of legislation.
It allows companies like Twitter to submit pre-
IPO documents are kept confidential, giving them the opportunity to hide their accounting shenanigans from the public a few weeks before the actual IPO.
It has relaxed restrictions on investment bank analysts to promote corporate equity for clients. (
If Henry brojette took effect as an analyst, he would be happy. )
This will allow more people to risk saving their lives in cunning startups.
Before being asked to go public and expose their books to the sun, it will make startups bigger and attract more investors.
But on the plus side, it opens the door for more grass-roots fundraising, whether on crowdfunding sites or in local communities --
This will help innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere.
Today, one of the main provisions of the Employment Act came into effect: the general solicitation ban was concluded.
A company called TechShop shows how this will bring about major positive economic changes.
TechShop is a physical workspace chain where people pay monthly fees in exchange for unlimited use of a variety of hardware tools, from drill presses and lathes to CNC laser cutting machines and 3D printers.
This is an attractive place for do-it-
You yourself, start-up hardware startups, artists and amateurs can hang out and work on their projects.
\"TechShop is like a manufacturer Space, an economic development zone, and an artist community,\" its chief executive Mark Hatch told me . \".
The company currently has an office in San Francisco, Menlo Park, California.
San Jose, California. (
Autodesk has funded locations in San Francisco and San Jose. )
It also opened a tech store in Detroit (
Working with Ford), Pittsburgh (
Working with VA and DARPA)
Austin, Texas (
Cooperate with Lowe\'s Home Improvement).
It will soon open a location in Alice Chandler.
Work with Arizona State University on the outskirts of Phoenix.
Pay attention to a pattern?
In these cities, Hatcher must find a local heavyweight partner to provide most of the money.
Restrictions on general bidding mean that he can\'t easily go out and lobby the local business community to get the $2 million to $3 million needed to open each new location. It was a high-
Touch, low efficiency, slow process.
Now he can bring the fundraising campaign to a climax.
TechShop announced this morning that it will seek $60 million to expand to several new cities --
As a result of the provisions of the Employment Act on general tenders, this announcement is only possible.
For more information on the new provisions of the Employment Act, see: 6 startups and investment companies Views of the Employment Act change the views of the CEO of crowdfunding companies: what techShop is doing today is: the network will eat the general tender for financing and investment: issue a press release telling the world that it wants to exchange your money for a part of the company.
Before today, this is illegal: a private company can only seek investment privately in face-to-face situationsto-face, closed-door meetings.
Now, if the company wants, it can spread its intentions on the Internet, through crowdfunding websites, and even television and radio advertising.
\"We can go into every community and say, \'If you guys are interested in funding local tech stores, we have a way to do that now, \'says Hatcher. \'\".
So how will this affect?
Take the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. , for example.
In Grand Rapids, Amway\'s successor, former governor candidate and art patron Rick DeVos, is building a startup incubator called the start Garden.
This is a $15 million seed fund, a chance moment as demand for local incubators surges.
In addition, there is manufacturing capacity in the region, with Steelcase\'s global headquarters in Grand Rapids, not far from Detroit\'s automotive manufacturing industry but still strong.
For entrepreneurs, there is no easy way to get a hardware prototype dirty.
With a tech store, it will.
There are three benefits.
First of all, schoolchildren benefit from having a workshop nearby where they can visit and learn how to make things that they may not be able to complete at the school\'s timber store (
This is assuming that there is still a wood shop in their school).
This is also helpful for universities.
Students of age engineering are aware that they can still be engineers, even if they are not necessarily high
Assuming they are willing to invest some time in the store, that is the level of mathematics.
\"It doesn\'t matter if you get C in the vector,\" Harch said . \".
\"You can still be an engineer.
But if you don\'t build a stone machine. . .
\"Second, recent engineering graduates benefit from the fact that they have a place to explore their more ambitious projects, the things they dream of doing, but very few people enter --
Work at the engineering level is affordable.
You can go to TechShop and hang out with friends instead of convincing people in your company\'s machine store to turn the lights on so you can work late on your own project.
Dylan Tweney/VentureBeatType A machines assemble 3D printers at the San Francisco tech store.
Third, the technology store is integrated into the incubator culture.
Art and culture-
Their towns have created a connection between creativity and economic activity.
Many startups have already stood out from three tech stores in California, such as BioLite, OpenROV, type a Machines, and even Square.
It\'s hard to measure the bigger impact, but one reason the VA has invested in Pittsburgh is the opportunity to help train veterans to master new skills.
In addition, the technology store in San Francisco helped Mark Rose get out of the homeless and set up his own company.
\"You\'ll see dozens of startups coming out of the big rush city,\" Harch said . \".
Hatch told me that TechShop currently has 5,500 paid members and will generate $10 million in revenue this year, up from $6.
5 million last year.
In general fundraising, he is optimistic that he will be able to open a new location in the first quarter of 2014, two in the second quarter, two or three in the third quarter and three in the fourth quarter.
\"We\'re just going back into the crowd,\" Hatch said . \".
\"It will make our life easier.
But for Hatcher, it\'s bigger than his company: it\'s a fundamental shift in the fundraising process.
\"I think we\'re just the tip of the iceberg,\" he told me . \".
\"With the Employment Act, a lot of people will be excited about it because it\'s a way to supplement angel and venture capital, or just replace angel and venture capital.
This is a new way to IPO.
\"I am not as optimistic as I am.
I applaud the increased liquidity of startups, and I welcome the founders who want to get their company started in creative ways to add flexibility.
Venture capital encourages founders to think about how to grow in a very fixed way, and it enforces a definition of success that is not necessarily appropriate for each company: either big or go home.
As a result, the new general solicitation and crowdfunding rules open up a lot of possibilities, which I think is very consistent with the surge in startup activity and DIY spirit sweeping the country.
But I am worried that transparency is not enough.
If these new financing channels are not accompanied by the same strong disclosure and accountability requirements, all these soaring optimism will eventually fall into the twisted wreckage of securities fraud and broken dreams.
\"It\'s been 80 years since you were able to let people know that you\'re raising money in a universal way in the United StatesS.
Harcher told me.
\"This is a huge deal.
\"But 80 years ago, we were in the abyss of a depression caused by unscrupulous and unrestrained solicitation of suspicious investment.
Let\'s hope this is not the beginning of the same old story.
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