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durometer tool.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-09
The RDC-
1 durometer calibration is designed to help durometer users get-
House Calibration capability.
The calibration device is equipped with weights for calibration of instrument spring loads in A, B, C, D, DO and O dual-scale scales.
It also includes an adapter that is RDC-
Ability to calibrate durometer from other manufacturers. The RDC-
It is said that 1 represents a good way for durometer users to reduce the cost of sending durometer for calibration at recommended annual intervals.
It is said that the company\'s calibration device was designed to be simple to use from the beginning.
Different from the traditional scale, it does not need to make special fixtures to fix the gauge, nor does the user need to make any complicated calculations to determine whether the gauge is in school. With the RDC-
1, the meter is simply fixed in the fixture and the operator slides the weight to the appropriate point on the scale.
If the meter is displayed [+ or -]
According to the company, one of the points shown on the scale is being calibrated. The RDC-
It is said that the quality provided by 1 is unmatched by any other product.
RDC-thick steel base, oversized stainless steel column and 30 lb weight
According to the company, 1 is said to be the strongest calibration device made.
According to the manufacturer, all components are precision CNC machined in strict tolerances and then plated or painted to ensure long life.
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