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Donegal gorse fire under control but \'hot spots\' remain

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
The director of emergency services for donigal County Council said that the gorse fire in donigal is now under control.
However, Gary Martin says caution is being exercised given the nature of the wind conditions.
In some areas, the fire has been repelled, but there are still \"hot spots\" burning in parts of Baikal Cruite, he said.
At about six o\'clock A. M. this afternoon, firefighters were still working in the West donigel area after the fire broke out.
The flames spread rapidly, passing through vegetation and Shinan, through Lake angel, to the village of Angel by the sea, close to woodland and houses.
It is reported that a house in Cionn Caslach was seriously damaged.
Local people and businesses use water dispensers and tankers to spray water.
There were as many as 15 fire brigades on site, and a private helicopter was serving.
A spokesman for Defense Minister Paul Kehoe said air force personnel took a 139-foot helicopter to help put out the fire in inDonegal.
The spokesman said 16 military personnel will also provide ground support from around five o\'clock P. M.
He said 20 more people will arrive shortly thereafter.
The Arain Maho fire brigade took the ferry from the island to the mainland to help put out the fire.
The main N56 highway between Gaoth dob and clochan Liath is closed all day.
Locals and authorities at Anagaire are trying to save some houses next to the caisleinóir hotel.
Earlier in the afternoon, the hotel itself was in danger of a fire.
The wind makes the situation more difficult to control.
Donigal airport urged people to set aside extra time for their journey as many of the roads to the airport were closed on this bank holiday Monday.
But flights to and from the airport were not affected.
This is the latest in many fires across the country in recent days, and it is also a condition for the Ministry of Agriculture\'s orange fire risk warning to reach its peak today.
The public is urged to remain vigilant and report to emergency services any unattended fires they observe.
Coillte has called on people not to have any campfire or barbecue in the woods or on the hillside.
The donigel County Council called on landowners and the public to \"act with caution and take all necessary measures to prevent wildfires involving materials such as gorse and heather.
A spokesman said: \"The commission also urged landowners and the public not to participate in activities that could lead to wildfires.
\"It is recommended that homeowners or building owners who are vulnerable to wildfire remove or reduce any vegetation near their homes and build or build oil tanks to prevent fires from destroying or destroying their property.
The council also sent a reminder to the public that \"cutting food is illegal under the Wildlife Act 1976 and the wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000, burn or destroy vegetation growth between the land will not be planted for another 1st days month stday August in any year.
Local TD and Leas
Cheann Comhairle of Chegallagher said he was very disappointed that it would take hours for the army to respond to requests from helicopter and army personnel to help control the fire.
Helicopter to be held five o\'clock P. M. -
He said it was hours after a request from the local government.
The fire was very serious and the house was in danger, he said.
Deputy Director Gallagher said hundreds of local volunteers and a private helicopter hired by donigal County Council helped control the fire.
He said that with the change of wind direction, the fire moved in different directions, making it more difficult to allocate resources.
In addition, firefighters control the fire that burned overnight in Co.
Northern Ireland\'s fire department says a fire broke out in the Donard forest near Newcastle.
Police told people to avoid the area and leave the nearby RV Park.
Hundreds of vacationers spend the night in emergency shelters.
It is not known what caused the fire.
A fire broke out in the area of tullibranigan Road in donnard forest, Newcastle.
A total of 8 water pump equipment and 2 professional equipment, equipped with more than 55 firefighters and professional wildfire officials, are engaged in fire fighting.
At one stage, the fire front spans more than one. 5km long.
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