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Does QY Precision provide ODM service?
Shenzhen QY Precision Co.,Ltd. supplies ODM services. We've got the capacity to make completely customized aluminium machine according to client requirements. Our experienced development team will lead you through the whole ODM process, by choosing materials and producing designs to defining ultimate specifications. Our firm owns and operates innovative testing and assembly facilities, supplying flexible manufacturing needs and total customization services.

QY Precision has developed into a large manufacturing company that produces custom cnc parts. QY Precision's cnc machine parts series contains multiple sub-products. The product provides a perfect cushioning effect. It will not suddenly crack or break after repeated impact from the foot and ground. Our cnc machine parts can always grace the cnc machine parts of our customers with even the most discerning tastes.

QY Precision will make unremitting efforts to build a world-class custom cnc parts enterprise group. Please contact us!
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