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do you want coffee with that plastic? a visit to protoplant

by:QY Precision      2019-09-18
Small plastic particles sound like coffee beans are poured into the pipe as they enter the melting machine.
In fact, my mini factory smells a bit like coffee.
You can imagine that Willie Wonka will be happy with the sound and smell.
The prototype factory is a manufacturer of 3D printer filaments, twisted.
The company squeezed out traditional plastic in a mix with new materials such as carbon fiber, iron, stainless steel and coffee to press it into thin wires.
How did they drink coffee?
I\'m not sure it\'s a plastic blend, which is still interesting though.
Since the launch of the first carbon fiber composite reinforced PLA in additive manufacturing using Kickstarter, the company has created
Representing a variety of mixed pasta brands-
Including steel, iron, high temperature and conductive PLA (
PLA is lactic acid;
One of the two commonly used materials used in 3D printing.
The other one is ABS. Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-
This is the same thing for pipes).
Manufacturers have to make, inventors have to invent, there is consistency between inventors, hackers, and the manufacturers community that I have experienced.
When asked how a particular invention or machine or device was formed in its earliest prototype phase, the creator usually said: \"I just made it with what I laid around the store
\"The same mindset appears in Dustin Semm, founder of the original plant Company, a small professional engineering company in Vancouver, Washington, which produces thin silk known as raw silk. pasta.
He and Alex Dick are 3D printing innovators and entrepreneurs, joined the company shortly after Dustin started the company and showed me around their fast-
Growth and operation.
When I looked curiously at an old, dull orange
As a huge wide color flowerpot
Dustin sits on the mouth funnel at the top of the pellet hopper, smiling at the shy smile I \'ve seen many times-\"it\'s lying here and we need a funnel.
\"When I was standing there, he came over and replaced it with a metal funnel, which apparently just arrived, waiting to be installed.
The flowerpot works well and represents the beauty of Dustin\'s life building or repairing the machine with what he has --
At that moment.
Lest my words make you feel that this machine is a little more skilled than that.
Its structure is as smooth as a clock.
Dustin is a licensed professional engineer.
The inventor of several patents and has the hardware of the Solar Dynamics Observatory currently flying in space (
To be sure, this is a fairly precise and strict environment where a piece of hardware can be placed). There is a 5-
The shaft CNC Machine Tool sits quietly behind the extrusion machine and apparently uses it frequently to make important parts on the production line. Aaron Cram, co-
Dustin\'s brother, a founder and software engineer, wrote custom software to keep the extruder humming.
3D material is the new black material world is a quieter pillar than the new 3D printing revolution (
It\'s been three years. plus decades).
While 3D printers capture all the buzz and energy of interest in the re-emergence of manufacturing, material manufacturers are happily looking for new material combinations, or entirely new materials.
Since the filaments of the 3D printer look a bit like spaghetti, the prototype plants call their material \"pasta \".
Think about it, there\'s a name like a prototype.
Pasta and label, pasta ,(
Do not eat pasta)
, The team must have watched them very intently during the crazy movies and the growth of Willie Wonka machines.
Who else would come up with putting coffee beans or iron scraps into plastic?
Cram brothers, of course. --
Prototype factory is my first official station on the goathe3d project, this is the second version of 3DRV national road trip, currently a self
Journey to independence.
It is expected that the manufacturers of machines and materials would be best left to the \"big boys\" of the industry \".
But that\'s why I continue to study, report and explore the ways manufacturers and inventors innovate and create in this new city manufacturing economy on this journey.
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