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dnc - implementation of a basic concept.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-01
Over the past decade, the realization of a basic concept has written a lot about factory automation and workshop computer technology.
Automation technologies such as CIM, FMS, LAN, SPC and DNC have become the future goals of many companies.
However, the application of these technologies in metal processing enterprises in the United States lags far behind industry.
Wide projection.
The problem seems to be between the supplier\'s commitment to Utopia and the user\'s doubts about the new approach.
From small reluctanceand medium-
Large stores that apply these new technologies are often the result of confusion about the application and its benefits.
Larger Store with in-
House system experts may understand these advanced concepts, but they feel that they are too complex to implement at a stage that is too costly.
However, vendors insist that these ideas are simple and users cannot ignore them.
Despite concerns in many metal processing stores, some have taken a realistic approach to applying these new technologies.
They chose to implement it in stages.
Usually, the first step in implementing distributed numerical control (DNC)system.
The DNC, in its purest form, is designed to ensure the timely delivery and organization of the machinecontrol-data (MCD)
Documents for NC and CNC machine tools.
Even the most basic concept is confused.
Many DNC vendors have become \"factory data administrators\" or \"experts in complete automation systems \".
\"They added time and attendance reports, process planning, electronic graphics, tool tracking, and many other features to the commitment list.
Unlike CAD and CAM vendors that sold products to specific departments early on, DNC vendors are trying to influence generic sales in many areas of the manufacturing environment.
The attempt has not been successful so far.
Paperless factory electronic management and control of all manufacturing information is the basis of \"paperless factory.
\"This concept is reasonable and will certainly become a reality in some plants.
However, the idea that all stores will benefit from this technology is not widely accepted by the industry.
Many of the features of the Paperless factory offered by Paperless suppliers are either duplication of existing organizational mechanisms or radical applications of new technologies.
For example, the value of E-
In stores where operators are used to seeing, feeling and doodling on prints, there is a problem with the size blueprint shrinking to a 10-inch screen.
Electronic travelers and process sheets simplify operations, but are useful only in areas equipped with CRTs.
Paper travellers will not become extinct until all shops, including rough shops, maxed benches, welding booths and hand-operated machine tools, use electronic displays.
Today, there are various forms of data collection, time and attention transfer already in the store.
Because old habits are difficult to change, it is better to convince senior management to have a better way to accomplish a difficult task.
What manufacturers today are most concerned about is taking the parts out of the door. Long-
Strategic planning has become a luxury that few people can afford.
The general application of paperless concepts takes some time to exchange
An untested method of theoretical proof.
The problem is not the theory itself, but the lack of evidence that they actually increase the outflow of parts.
Many stores have found that DNC becomes very reasonable if viewed in basic form.
It becomes necessary in some cases.
The Delta Technology Operations Center in Atlanta, Georgia is an example.
The facility has over 42 acres of hangar, shops, and office space with approximately 5000 employees to maintain Delta\'s fleet.
By 1995, their current 435 aircraft is expected to grow to more than 800, and the operation center must meet the growing demand.
At Delta, more than 50 stores are producing specific aircraft components.
Large machine tool workshops equipped with manual machine tools and 11NC/CNC machine tools are supported in other fields.
CAD/CAM technology has been implemented to generate tape and support documents.
To meet the growing demand for tapes, the NC support staff installed the microda MicroVAX 3500, which runs the Calma DDM software.
The three workstations are connected to MicroVAX via DECnet/Ethernet, which in turn is connected to a series of VAX 2000 that runs Medusa CAD softwaredesign area.
MicroVAX is used to input design data from original equipment suppliers such as Boeing and Lockheed.
In addition, it also retrieves data files for Delta-
Parts designed from Medusa system.
Even before installing the DNC system, the Delta NC support group considered it essential to organize all parts and reference numbers.
The strict regulations of the FAA require close tracking of the maintenance of aircraft components. A PC-
Assist with this task using a system based on dBase III.
Delta uses the internal document number as a repair order.
When the work order enters the department, it logs into the system and quickly crosses
Reference work center, NC-tape-
File number, tools and settings-
File number.
Labels containing these references are automatically printed and posted on work orders and FAA files.
These documents go through the store during the renovationworkprocess.
The installation of the DNC system is the next logical step to deliver the MCD and support files to the machine.
The existing library has about 2500 volumes of tape, with a total length of more than 20 miles, which is increasing every day.
This growth is becoming a burden that needs to be sustained.
Bob Davies, Delta\'s machine workshop foreman, said the situation was very critical.
\"As Delta has grown over the past two years, we have to reduce the amount of time it takes to process paper tapes.
He added: \"DNC has become almost a competition.
\"Davis started a six-game with NC programmer David Price.
System valuation of five suppliers.
They chose a shopnet ii DNCsystem from the Numeridex CAM Div of automation intelligence.
The shopnet ii system provides Delta with the functionality it wants.
The system is easy to operate, has reliable tracking records, and can be extended to handle the current requirements of the facility according to future requirements.
Price explained, \"When we evaluate the system, we mainly consider the size of the store --
Floor and usage.
Shopnet ii station is small enough to be installed anywhere, and after a few days our operators feel comfortable using the system.
\"The system uses PC-
Ethernet access to the store area is supported based on the library and a cable.
There are stations on each machine.
They are interfaces between each controller and the network.
The two controllers are old and are not equipped with serial/O ports.
They chime in behind. the-reader (BTR)
Allow TV stations to simulate ordinary newspaperstape reader.
These sites also serve editors and local storage devices to initiate file transfers to and from the library.
The DNC library is already linked to MicroVAX and serves as a channel for DECnet LAN.
The MCD file can now be stored on MicroVAXand retrieved directly from the store-floor stations.
In addition, rush job scan is sent directly from the office to the target machine.
The changes in the store were dealt with effectively.
Price explains, \"If the operator edits the tape files, they are sent back to the shopnet ii Library.
The edited file is marked by the DNC system and then run on the main file through the file-
More conventional.
Highlight all changes.
If these changes are logical, they will be integrated into the master server for future operation.
\"With the resolution of the tape problem, the tool/installation sheet becomes the next target.
The MCD and the corresponding files are now downloaded to the store-
Laying in order.
The operator uses a small printer driven by the workstation to create the current tool/setup table for the running job.
The tables can be edited on the radio, but for now, notes and changes are hand-made.
If the settings table is changed, the operator can use the grass chart and symbol and submit it.
This becomes the document form for Delta to verify each job before running each job again.
The price note, \"We haven\'t completely eliminated paper in the process, but this method is fast and now we have everything in our hands.
\"The initial system, which consists of seven machines, has been expanded twice, handling a total of 11 machines.
Plans to add three more machines next year.
According to Davis, there were no accidents in the installation and expansion.
\"It took only three or four days to install the system, and within two weeks everyone felt comfortable using it.
The trip went very smoothly.
\"Davis and price agree that the DNC system has become an integral part of the Delta manufacturing program.
\"This system is completely reliable,\" Price stressed . \"
\"It was installed in 1988 and we never had a station failure in a year and a half --Shift operation.
Davis added, \"We are very pleased with the shopnet ii system.
\"Although some experts claim that DNC is reasonable by eliminating paper
Tape Processing only.
The amount of time that support people spend on punching, storing, and sorting tapes will soon increase.
Delta calculated that it took 470 hours/year in this feature.
In addition to the cost of tape and storage cabinets, they are able to justify the entire DNC system in a 30-month return.
In addition, Delta also found that 520 hours of operator and machine time were lost each year when the tape was in the store.
If these numbers are taken into account, the system\'s return will be less than 12 months.
Delta has taken the first step towards factoryautomation, but it does it in its own way.
Delta is collecting technology and advice from a variety of vendors and adapting it here, which will prove to be the most beneficial without interrupting the athand business.
When Davis considered where the operations center was 18 months ago, he pointed out, \"We used to have someone in the staff observe the work with tape, get the tape to the storage area, and update the tape.
Now, we have achieved this electronically, and we have plans for the future to expand our current capabilities.
\"These plans include using a laser printer in the store area to send graphic files directly from the Calma system to where they are needed.
Although the operation center of Delta is large, the machine store is not large.
This is a typical smallto medium-
Large stores that adopt basic DNC to solve basic problems.
Delta is just an example of more than 35 stores that have simplified operations by installing the shopnet ii system in the past year.
Dixie Numerics while Delta\'s main focus is related to the number and organization of MCD files, it is sometimes just the file size of the warrantsa DNC system.
That\'s how Dixie Numerics is, a very successful job --
Shop Operations 5 miles from Delta factory.
Like many work stores, Dixie is in aone-shot mode.
That said, they cut the parts and may never use the same velvet sheet again, so the organization and maintenance of MCD files is not the main problem.
However, the store produces complex forging moldsto-
Point data files exported from various CAD/CAM systems.
Like Delta, Dixie Numerics initially turned to CAD/CAM to assist with the tape
The generation process.
Nicam iv and nicam v pc-
CAMsystems and microengineering solutions 3000 CAD systems based on Numeridex are implemented in stages.
The combination of these three systems provides great flexibility for handling various input formats for digital users.
This input can be blueprint, APT source file, CLfile, IGES, or even manual input
Sketch format.
Support III, four-, and five-
The axes NC/CNC machine in Diebusiness requires a lot of data.
Dixie found that the number of some apes reached 5000 to 7500 feet, and it took more than 80 to punch in.
Walkable tape storage devices have gone through some attempts, but have proved too fragile in store environments.
DNC is the most reasonable choice.
Dixie installed the shopnet ii system in 1989 to accommodate six machines.
Since then, the system has expanded to 10 machines, and more will be added in the future.
Fred Hatcher, operations manager at Dixie, is pleased with the system.
\"The system is efficient, fast and well organized,\" he said.
We load the program into the machine in less than 10 seconds.
These same programs sometimes exceed 30,000 lines of code, representing about 8000 feet of the paper tape.
\"Dixie has put the DNC file server on the factory since the initial installation --
Wide arcnet lan running Novell distribution software.
Now, the MCD file can be loaded directly onto the DNC system from any of the thec/CAM systems.
The road to the workshop has been opened and will expand as needed.
The success of stores that have implemented DNC systems, such as Delta and Dixie Numerics, is often overlooked.
It gets lost in hypeuse of \"Factory integrators\" and \"automation experts\" who try to sell concepts without providing solutions.
Now is the time for suppliers and customers to sit together and discuss the reality of the DNC system.
It is necessary to establish an honest relationship, because both try to survive in a highly competitive enterprise and are operating for profit.
The application of advanced technology in metal workshops in the United States is much slower than in some parts of the world.
Despite the first steps taken by some stores, others are still struggling in the chaos.
Technology suppliers, especially DNC suppliers, are flooding the industry with products and commitments ---
Generally, there is no consideration for the user\'s application.
The DNC vendor should go back to the role of the problem solver, not the feature seller.
DNC should be treated as part of the solution, not the cure
All of this can be applied in any case.
The real solution is likely to involve the products and services of some vendors that are installed over time and designed to meet the automation plan for the entire facility. Existing shop-
The supplier cannot ignore floor procedures such as Time reports, data collection, automatic inspection, scheduling, etc.
If such a feature is proposed, the vendor should be prepared to elaborate and demonstrate how they will replace or supplement the established procedures and policies.
DNC systems should not be sold until these chores are completed. The DNC-
The selection process also involves user responsibility.
Request for Proposals (RFPs)
Features that are unreasonable, practical or not applicable to your store should not be included.
Identify specific issues and future goals while keeping in mind the acceptable budget and time frame.
Recognizing that the installation of the DNC system affects many departments, the success of the project depends on the early participation of everyone.
Also, keep in mind that unless your company is willing to serve the asa test site, you will need to have the DNC vendor prove their claim.
Ask for access to one or more sites that currently implement your proposed functionality.
Ask existing customers about system performance, installation, service, and consistency with initial expectations.
In the United States, the concept of a paperless factory is an unfulfilled ideal.
However, it will become a reality one day.
Because each metal workshop has its own unique way, the steps to achieve the ideal are unique.
It turns out that the careful and reasonable implementation of the basic DNChas is a step towards the ideal. Not a cure-
All, DNC is just a tool for the task at hand-
Take the parts out of the door
Picture: one of Delta\'s 50 aircraft parts modification stores.
Photo: Delta Discovery shopping sites can be installed quickly and easily.
A big picture: the keyboard and function keys help the operator feel comfortable.
Photo: it is possible to send the rush work directly from the SHOPNET library in the programming office to the photo: the target machine in the workshop.
Photo: job request is typed-
Input by the operator.
MCD and setupfiles are downloaded in seconds.
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