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diy mini cnc drawing machine

by:QY Precision      2019-09-14
This is a micro cnc drawing machine. Hello, frienddsi made a micro CNC drawing machine with micro stepping motor mechanism to control this CNC machine for each stepping motor of L293D IC.
All electronic components are welded on the PCB made in the garment.
I have prepared a PCB layout and ordered it from JLCPCB.
Once the PCB is received, it only needs the solder joint pins and the PCB terminals and CNC can load the code to run.
JCLPCB is a PCB manufacturing company that offers up to 10 prototype PCBs for just $2.
If you need to order any PCB for future electronics items, you can consider visiting JLCPCB.
I used 2 L293D motor drive IC, the L293D drive IC is H-
It can control a maximum of 2 DC motors in each direction, as well as a single bipolar stepping motor.
The logic voltage of L293D IC is 5-
DC 7 V, motor voltage 5-
35 v dc, can handle up to 1 current. 2 A .
If you would like to order the same pcb I have used so I have attached a PCB gerber in this article and I also give a PCB editable file, you can modify the PCB in Fritzing software according to your requirements. Here are the materials I use. you can try something different and share it with us. .
Custom pcb jlcpcb.
COM 100mm stepping motor :-nano :-IC :-Terminal :-Header pin :-
Servo motor : -5V adapter :-
Understand the role of various components and software in CNC machine tools 1)
The ARDUINO Arduino basically works as the brain of the CNC machine, uploading the CNC code to the arduino, so that when the Gcode flows to the arduino Arduino command Motor Shield to run the stepping motor. 2)
L293D motor shield this is a special shield for controlling the authenticity of the motor with arduino. x-axis & y-axis)
A servo motor, please read the detailed technical knowledge. 3)
Servo Motor basically this motor is used here just for up and down the pen servo connection Motor Shield 4)
Arduino IDE this is used to upload code to arduino 5)
Handle IDE this is for stram G-
Code for Arduino 6
This is for G-
Any image add code file that prompts the problem-
The code is the file format that your machine can understand and work on. Suppose you have to draw some text with the machine, so you need the Gcode or text of it to be G-code.
How to convert files in G-
Code to watch this video but no G-when you download Inkscape software-
Code save as option, so you need to add Library extension in inkscape for this download
How to add this extension to Inkscape 1)
File decompression 2)
Double click open folder 3)
Copy all subfolders and files 4)
Right-click the inkscape icon from the desktop. 5)
Go to property 6)
Go open file location 7)
Open Share Folder 8)
Open the expand Folder 9)
All documents in the past 10)
Arduino is ready, our machine is ready, our g-
The code can also be printed, so we need some to transfer g-
Arduino\'s code so here we have the code to handle the gtrl gctrl program download code from the link below to download the code loaded by the GCTRL gctrl code decompression folder to handle it, then press the new window of the play button to open the window, you can select your communication port Press \"G\" to open the browser, select your g-
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