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diy mdf cnc machine 36x22

by:QY Precision      2019-10-15
The design I\'m going to show is a DIY CNC machine made of medium fiber boards.
This design was made by a friend of mine and I have done a design exactly the same as him.
So we currently have two machines like this.
This is my first note, so something may be missing, please feel free to ask or comment.
If you are going to do this, please send me a picture of the final result so I can add it to this page.
** This machine is a derivative of the machine you can find on the ** new file ** I have completed all the drawings with metric measurements and more accurate part recognition.
I have some requirements for measurement.
I will probably upgrade the Empire soon, so you will have exactly the same drawings and more accurate information.
I posted a new photo on step 9 =)
Enjoy this machine was completely built on the computer before it was made, so this is the first time I \'ve seen two versions of the render, getting a 3/4 mid-fiber board, even if you missed one or two parts, this is enough for all projects.
After that you can buy it for $35, print the CAD for all the parts and cut/drill. The Drawing.
Rar contains all the main components of the fiber board. 16 Dec 2011 -New Drawings ! ! !
I have several times this morning and it took me 3 hours to redraw each part with IMP and metric measurements, hopefully you will like it.
Merry Christmas to all of you, cross and 1/420 bolts.
I am from www. leevalley.
I think you can get them from almost all the woodworking shops online.
From RONA or any supplier near your home, the aluminum corner is 3/4X1/8.
You need 2x36 \"X axe2X 22\" for Z axe and 1 Aluminum Angle 1 \"X 1\" x 1/8 for linear bearings.
You need 30 bearing sizes: 8mm x 22mm x 7mm (
I took the skateboard bearing from ebay)
The length of lead screws is: 36 \", 24\" and 9 \". I will take them out of my post and draw pictures of the institution.
Currently, I only post the rendering on the back of the machine (the Y axis )
, Easy to find out all the other axes (
Exactly the same principle)
I took an old computer and turned on the power and welded 3 wires on its primary side.
I put the wire on the switch so I can turn the second power and drive on or off.
I added 2 fans and since the drive gets really hot, cool it down if you don\'t want to kill it!
I just made a 1/2 mid-fiber board part to protect the table and I slotted 2 3/4 slots with the router workbench. I got each t-Time slot for $11 ea.
After that, all you need to do is turn a 1/4 hex bolt upside down and make some support for your parts.
I will add more pictures laterMDF Board: $35 bearing: screws and recoil nuts for about $30: $135 power supply: 50 stepping motors: $49 each (150$ )
Gecko drive: about $250 bolts and cross pins: $50 aluminum corners: $55 rough total: $755 because I have some issues with stability and jitter, I want to use my 1/2 carbide vertical mill.
I had to modify the machine in order to remove some flex.
I will show you some pictures, which are optional, but it helps a lot with the stiffness of the machine.
Special thanks to my friend Max for the idea. --
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