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diy cnc router plans : how to build

by:QY Precision      2019-11-26
Note: I originally posted this on my craft blog and made it with Jason and you are welcome to see my other tutorials, reviews, drawing lessons step by step.
Since I saw my first cnc I knew I wanted to have one.
I\'m a realist though, and I know I won\'t have a real $20,000.
So, this spring, I had a whim and decided to design and build a homemade 3-
The axis computer CNC milling machine made by itself.
I went through the whole network and decided to use drawer slides as my track, build one with arduino as my micro controller and try to keep everything at $300. So far so good.
So, I will show you effortlessly the steps I took to build my diy cnc router project (
Please note that this project has not been completed as of April 16, 2013-
In fact, it\'s half way).
On the structure!
I will have to combine my experience in carpentry, concept design and learn how to align 3 step motors correctly to achieve true calibration 3-
CNC production of shaft.
I plan to control all three Japanese 17 stepping motors with arduino UNO micro controller and stepping motor driver.
I would like to use all the free (or cheap)open-
I want to keep the price of this product under $300.
I started with online research.
I read the DIY CNC project on instructures, CNC forums and various other attractions on interweb and decided to do my design on the heavy drawer slide.
I did some research and even read a few books and emails
A book on the subject.
I decided, that\'s the way I wanted it.
I designed it to move back and forth on the heavy drawer slide and it will be controlled by Camry 17 stepping motor.
I used 24 inch.
Guide drawer slide.
Not perfect, but I can make some adjustments for them.
When you screw it together, be sure to keep everything in order.
I suggest that you don\'t stick anything when you do your CNC ---
There may be many times you need to take it apart to re-do.
At least, I hope something will happen to me.
I had a nice meal.
To start my DIY project, warm and sunny weather later.
Here\'s the video of x-
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