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DIY CNC for Less of 160€ With Arduino

by:QY Precision      2019-09-20
Hi everyone.
I think the cnc machine is a useful tool that allows you to make high-precision stuff hand made, which will be very difficult.
So a year ago my father and I started the project with the aim of making a CNC as cheaply as possible and with enough precision to \"print\" the PCB.
This is the result.
It was developed with simple power tools and I think the most complex instrument to use is the column drill bit.
This machine is based on Arduino with GRBL firmware and it is compatible with Easel, an awesome tool from stock products that will make it easy and quick to design projects for CNC
Let\'s start.
I bought most of the stuff in Bongo.
While you can find the same material on the internet elsewhere, such as Ebay for a lower price.
You can also find more details about the bill in the Excel file: quantity or some sort of specific.
You can see four screws in the first photo, but only three at the end.
In this project, the shielding I use is my own design, I explained later that in the electrical steps, but if you do not have the experience of making a PCB, I suggest you buy a shield that is compatible with GRBL like this: these blueprints can be opened with Autocad or any DWG viewer.
The first file is a 2D blueprint for the fiber board parts in the machine, showing the distance between the holes.
All drill holes are 8mm in diameter.
The second file is a 3D model of the machine.
To know where the parts are.
I uploaded some pictures of the building process.
I would suggest building it in the order in which the image appears because I think this is the easiest way to build it.
In the blueprint, I did not show any screw holes because after I built the screw holes I thought it would be better to use hot glue or Pattex Power Lijm than to use glue bearings structurally.
I believe this is a better way because it is easier to use and the structure is more natural.
On this machine I have puta shield of my own design.
It has some special features such as ports for high probes and coolers.
But you can also buy a commercial, as I wrote on the material list.
The only thing that is necessary is: basically, the wire connection is like the diagram in the previous image, but there are three motors.
I recommend using the tubes of the wires and clips to organize the wires because sometimes it is difficult to know where the wires come from.
GRBL is the firmware developed for the community, it is very easy to use and upload tI use GRBL 0.
9i but there is an updated version. This is a very good tutorial to use GRBL Arduino.
Or you can see the video in Spanish but it\'s easy to understand.
After completing the configuration of this machine, you should configure the parameters of the file.
It\'s time to do something once everything is OK, but you need some software.
I basically used two software.
General GCodeSender (
Stable version
It\'s a free one.
Software that allows you to use: Easel: an inventory tool for designing and \"printing\" items.
Finally, I will show you some projects done with this machine. (
In the order of photos)
There are also some videos when it works.
Please ask questions if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy this project.
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