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diy: a winter project for hands just itching to garden: build a vegetable washing station

by:QY Precision      2019-10-30
I am not a real Carpenter as a professional writer and editor.
But I\'m not afraid to try.
Here\'s how to set up your own vegetable washing station.
To store our recyclable items, I put some leftover wood on the shelves of the food storage room, so I thought I would try to meet one of my wife\'s ongoing requests.
Please note that not all. But one.
All the advantages of picking vegetables directly from the garden have one drawback.
They were covered with dirt.
I don\'t mind getting my hands dirty, but my wife\'s kitchen can\'t say that either.
Darcy wants to find a place outside to clean and trim the vegetables before they come in.
I looked at a few pictures of the table and workbench and thought I could do something similar.
Use screws when you build, so it\'s easier to take things apart that don\'t work very well.
I started building a rectangular frame from 2x4 frame spruce (
Because I was lying there.
24 inch by 32 inch.
I then cut 42 inch of the legs from the normal 2x4 and then fixed them inside the frame so that the top of the leg would be flush with the top of the rectangle.
Six 32-
The inch part you cut just needs two 2x4 s.
I often decide on the size of the project in order to effectively use the raw materials available and minimize the amount I need to cut.
I then built a smaller rectangle with some 1X2 for the bottom shelf that matches the internal dimensions of the space between the legs, which also helps to keep everything perfect(
Measure the internal dimensions of the top of the leg connected by the outside frame, so that when you connect the strap to the bottom, it automatically makes your leg straight and real. )
After that, all I need to do is cut 1X4sto to create the working surface and the shelf below.
I added a small tailgate and side panels that stretch out about 2 inch above the working face on the back and 1 inch on the sidesto so my carrots don\'t roll.
If you look at the pictures carefully, you will find how simple the design is.
Give it a try and let me know how it works.
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