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Disney Group Agrees to Buy Child World

by:QY Precision      2019-10-21
Trefoil Capital Investors is a recently established Burbank partnership for Roy E.
Three stone holding company of Disney
On Monday, the company said it had agreed to buy Child World Inc. , a toy retailer . ). in a two-
Step transaction.
Trefoil will first acquire a 82% stake in the world of children owned by debt
Bin Laden Holdings, a Cleveland-
Stanley P said it was based on retail concerns in exchange for taking on the undisclosed debt of CNC.
Jin De, chief partner of Trevor and president of samalock.
Trefoil then plans to purchase the remaining 18% of the shares held by the public for $14 or $28 per share. 3 million.
Let\'s say the CNC shares are also $14. a-
If calculated by the value of the stock, the total amount of the transaction will reach $157. 2 million.
Children\'s World, Avon, mass-
Headquartered in the United States, with 175 stores in 31 states, is the second largest in the United States.
The biggest toy chain behind the toy fight city.
There are no children\'s World stores in Southern California, but the company has previously announced plans to expand here for an unspecified period of time.
The children\'s world and CNC are struggling recently.
Children\'s World profits fell 54% last year to $5.
83 million from $12.
Despite the increase in sales to $6 million, it was $830 in 1988.
$3 million, $807. 1 million.
Children\'s World shares have been volatile since May disclosed that CNC is negotiating to sell its shares.
The stock rose $1 to $14 on Friday and closed at $13 on Monday. 75 in over-the-
Reverse trading, which means the premium Trefoil currently offers is lower than the market price of the stock.
But Gold said Trefoil was \"paying a reasonable price\" for the company \".
The acquisition of children\'s world will mark the first major deal for Sanshi executives as they make $3 --
Billion acquisition of Polaroidin early 1989.
They recently raised $0. 45 billion from investors to fund Trefoil.
Thanks to Shamrock\'s experience in the industry, Trefoil plans to keep a close eye on retailers.
The assets held by Shamrock include 71-
Southern California and 140-music and video store chain
Dallas-based outlet Sound warehouse chain.
It also has three television stations and 15 radio stations.
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