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different types of air compressors and their mechanisms

by:QY Precision      2019-10-13
Air compressors are usually driven by high-pressure air and are very helpful in various applications as a central power supply.
It is largely considered an effective machine designed to push air from place to place, thereby increasing air pressure and creating a larger volume of air where needed
In addition, compressed air can be used to provide energy, power supply for large-scale mechanical programs, operation of HVAC frames, etc.
The biggest advantage of the air compressor is that it works effectively even with a motor.
By mechanical means, it strengthens the process of converting electric energy into kinetic energy in a simple way.
Air compressors are often diverse and can be divided into three different structures depending on their properties, capacity, function, and drive technology.
Three types of compressors and their specifications are mentioned below: reciprocating air compressors. These machines help increase air pressure by reducing air volume.
The whole process involves reducing the air volume in the room.
The machine has various parts such as cylinders, crankshaft, barrel, piston, housing blocks and valves that help to compress air.
The reciprocating air compressor is usually designed to be simple and operated by an electric motor or a diesel engine.
They are widely used in the operation of refrigeration equipment, natural gas pipelines and chemical equipment.
The rotary screw compressor is basically a positive displacement type consisting of two rotors and one housing.
However, the working phenomenon of the rotary screw compressor is completely different from that of other compressors.
It is used to fill the air between the housing and the two screw-fit screws, and when these screws rotate, the pressure eventually increases by reducing the volume of its main compression area.
The main benefit of using this equipment is that it does not produce any noise and is mainly used in the construction industry, the water waste treatment industry, etc.
Centrifugal compressors this type of compressor is often referred to as a radial compressor, increasing air pressure by injecting kinetic energy into the rotating impeller.
It is a powerful turbine machine for the engine of air conditioning, pipeline gas compression, turbines, refineries, cars and HVAC systems.
According to its basic principle, these compressors installed on the rotor have slender wing edges and will not produce noise when running ideally.
However, these compressors are made up of fast-spinning impeller, which helps to accelerate air at speeds up to 60,000 rpm.
Author Profile: Craig Yates is an industrial equipment supplier located in Leicester, UK.
He handles various products, emergency air faults and air quality filters.
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