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by:QY Precision      2019-09-17
When 58-year-
In March 11, old Raju retired. he had several years of work experience and was recognized by people.
For the past 16 years, he has been rewarded from his employer, Elgi Equipments, because he has not been on leave for a year or even a day. Mr.
Raju joined Elgi in 1989 as a foundry worker and moved to the heat treatment department and machine workshop to retire as a CNC machine operator.
\"I don\'t study much. I want to achieve something.
So I don\'t even have a day off, \"he said.
He never used these two.
The company extended the one-hour license time per month and went to work on time every day.
\"Over the past few years, we have two days off a week.
\"When I had to deal with personal work, I used to adjust the shift time with other workers on a regular basis,\" he added . \".
He lost his mother when he was nine years old and attended work at a local restaurant almost the same age, taking care of his brothers and sisters, several years of his work at Raju.
\"God has given me a healthy body and there is no need to take a vacation.
I find it difficult not to go to work right now, so I plan to get a job again soon, \"he added.
When young people see him receive awards every year, he is the source of inspiration for their work.
\"When foreigners came to the factory before, I was introduced as one of the best workers, and when I retired, the general manager of Erji personally wished me,\" he said proudly . \".
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