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dad builds out-of-this-world spaceship bed for 4-year-old son

by:QY Precision      2019-10-05
A father in Brooklynof-this-
His 4-World Spaceship Bedyear-
Coincidentally, the son\'s name is Cosmo.
\"I like the idea that he imagines something and then builds it,\" Cosmo\'s father, Eric Dean, told ABC News their father --
The son of love works. The blast-
Outside the bed, there are stairs to the twins.
Size mattress, working control panel in the game area below, even with a built-in
There are space exploration apps and videos on the IPad.
\"He has a crazy passion for Star Wars,\" Dean said of his little boy . \".
\"The control panel I designed was part of the spaceship, part of the shuttle, part of the submarine, so he could do almost anything with it.
It looks like it\'s great and it\'s flexible.
The proud father, a film and set designer, deliberately kept the walls of the game area below unpainted so that his son could use his imagination to convert into his choice when he grew up
Dean explained: \"What I didn\'t finish, I did, and he and I can continue to work hard over the years to change it and make it more personal.
\"He can take a different direction if he wants.
\"Dean is also very keen on the building process to be an educational experience for his son.
\"One of the things we do together is the cockpit chair,\" he said . \".
\"I took him to the set shop and we looked at the Birch plywood cut flat by the CNC machine, and then he could see how the plywood was put together like a jigsaw puzzle.
He likes the idea that the machine just cuts the piece of wood and sticks it together to make the chair you sit in.
Dean says he likes the Cosmo bed \"not like the kind of toy you get it, it does one thing and you play it that way . \".
\"We are a Lego family,\" he added . \"
\"We like to offer ideas for blocks where you can do anything.
It provides endless creativity.
\"While it took months for the whole project to plan and collect materials, the actual construction process took him about a week to complete and work on one night when the family was away.
\"I spent about $800 on the material and twice as much on the labor force and asked the supplier to help me design things,\" he said . \".
To be sure, little Cosmo will have some very sweet space dreams from now on.
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