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czech firms to upgrade hec plant | ranchi news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-10-04
RANCHI: Czech TS Plzen, original manufacturer of 6,000 tons printing machine (machine)
Installed in heavy engineering company (HEC)
It has agreed to modernize it with the latest technology.
Another bv Services Limited in the Czech Republic also said it was keen to participate in the modernization and renovation of the plant, which was commissioned in 1958 using the technology provided by the Czech Republic.
Cmd hec Avijit Ghosh met with officials from both companies at the ongoing Hannover Industrial Fair
2015 in Germany on Friday.
TS Plzen from VHS and Vlastimil Rous from Vladimir Havilcek attended the meeting, with Rajan Katoch, secretary of the central department of heavy industry and joint secretary of the same department attending visvajeet Sahay.
Senior officials from the heavy industry sector assured Czech officials that the HEC is addressing the enormous challenges of modernizing factories and machinery.
Katoch also promised that the government would support the modernization of HEC.
He expressed confidence in the company\'s workers and officials who will lead the HEC to new, modern and strong prospects.
\"We expect the HEC to complete the modernization and renovation of the aging plant in a short period of time in order to process the bulk orders soon,\" he said . \".
TS Plzen had earlier succeeded in modernizing the 2650-ton printing press at the HEC foundry and forging plant.
An official statement issued by the HEC public relations department said that the Czech government is actively considering working with the HEC to provide financing options for its modernization.
\"It will help HEC get modern technology and re-
This is an old machine.
TS Plzen assured us that in addition to exploring the possibility of upgrading it to higher capacity with the latest CNC features and robots, the printing machine will also be updated with the most modern accessories.
\"We expect these changes to help the HEC get higher capacity forging with better quality,\" the communique wrote . \". VH-
Service Limited assured HEC that it will be able to modernize most Czech machines with the latest CNC controls.
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