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Cycle Time Reduction Principles for CNC Machining

by:QY Precision      2020-07-22
What is the definition of cycle time? Cycle time is defined to be the time that happens from the time a task or associated with tasks is initiated towards time a task is conducted. Example, the cycle time is the time a shipping order is printed to the time the time loaded on the truck and the system is updated. An alternate definition would be is period it takes to load, run, and unload on workpiece. Cycle time in regards to a machine can be simply measured by timing how long it takes from pressing the button to start the cycle for the first workpiece to the pressing the next button for the other workpiece. Production quantities in an industry dictate how the more workpieces you run, the more important it is to perform the goal of lowering the cycle time. Everything and anything that happens in your working personal computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining equipment can be divided into four categories: 1.) On-line, productive tasks: These are the actual machining operations that occur during a CNC cycle. They the milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, or any other machining operation that in somehow furthers the completing the workpiece. To reduce the cycle amount of time in these areas, number of two ways with which this can do. One would be through careful process planning. The process engineer must select an appropriate machine tool, cutting tools, fixturing, and machining order within a way that it matches the involving workpieces to be machined that end up being based on the making quantity. The cycle time will become a reflection of the processes being often would machine workpieces. If in a lot of times that your company's processes previously been developed and implemented before you start your cycle time reduction program, your own second alternative in order to use optimize cutting operations for this would involve properly selecting cutting tool materials, feeds, and speeds to machine workpieces as efficiently as with the current process. 2.) On-line, non-productive tasks: These are tasks that occur in machining cycle that not actually further the completion from the workpiece. The very first thing Computer Numerical Control people often target for improvement is wasted program execution time. These end up being things like rapid movements, tool changes, M-code execution and spindle acceleration/deceleration. Reducing program execution level of this area frequently easy. It often takes nothing more than carefully monitoring the fabrication run for a few workpieces to find those times as soon as the program can be modified to eliminate noticeable pauses during the cycle. Although within mind mind that the staff member for these machines must not overlook other processes for they may be so concerned with minimizing program execution that they overlook other operations, giving you severe wastes of cycle time. 3.) Off-line, non-productive tasks: These are the tasks performed in the machining cycle that do nothing to further the completion of the workpiece. Since these of tasks are completed while the machine is producing workpieces, they do not actually add to the cycle time. It is possible to free the operator of your machines of performing off-line productive tasks if they have little, or not do during lengthy machine cycles. 4.) Off-line, productive tasks: These are the duties done away in the CNC machine, so the machine is producing workpieces, which would further the completing the workpiece. Wanting to offer extremely helpful during lengthy CNC cycles, tasks in this category can reduce the time it takes to complete the production run dramatically, which would effectively reduce cycle time. Scheygen is an easy woman that would rather explore and share things through jotting. She loves to share her knowledge for the users who choose to understand everything about CNC Information is. Go and visit CNC Information is a website to get plenty of more information. Come and stop by at:
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