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Customers want to do mechanical parts processing, how to quote?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-02
Whether it's mechanical parts processing or numerical control lathe processing, medical equipment parts processing, non-standard parts processing, etc. , it's basically drawing and processing with supplied materials, and of course it can also be designed and customized. First of all, you have to look at the dimensions on the drawings. Remember that most of the drawings are given finished product sizes unless they are specifically marked as blank drawings. Look at the dimensions and then look at the drawings to see the general shape of the finished parts, probably what shape. To give a simple example: if the part is a rotary body, it needs to be processed by a lathe; If the part needs to sweep the plane, it needs milling machine and Planer processing. Look at the views in other directions of the drawing and the enlarged view by section, and pay attention to the presence or absence of precise dimensions. If there are precise dimensions, finishing is required. For example, some excircles may have to cooperate with other holes or be in a state of friction for a long time, so they need an excircle grinder to grind them to achieve good surface roughness. As for which factory can manufacture and process such parts, it depends on the processing capacity of this unit. Some machining units are good at finishing, some machining units have strong processing capacity for large parts, and some machining units are suitable for batch processing. Regarding how to take orders for mechanical parts processing, first of all, see if your industry feels very remote, but it also depends on the importance of competitors. Just like if you are processing parts for oil production equipment, then where your customer is positioned, you have to have a clear analysis and clear understanding. Because oil mining is mainly a matter for the country to do again, you must have a certain normal relationship with government departments, so interpersonal relationship is very important, and of course your own brand is also very important. It is necessary to do a good job in interpersonal relationships and pay attention to your own brand. Quotation for mechanical parts processing: First of all, you have to have a market reference price, otherwise you can't report it, and you don't know how much it costs. For example: what kind of bed processing is required for mechanical parts processing, how many working hours are required for processing, you have to know what to do, and then refer to the market price of the working hour price of this bed to calculate the approximate price. Each company should have such a data accumulation.
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