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Connacht: What\'s happening in your area?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
The situation has improved in many parts of the west this evening as snow showers eased and temperatures rose.
However, it is reported that there are still major problems in the southern and eastern regions, with continued snowfall causing road jams and driving conditions ranging from dangerous to impossible.
It is reported that there is a high drift around Galway square just next to the M6 highway, and there is a lot of snow on many roads around loudoua, Portumna and Gort.
Garda said several roads were still inaccessible and noted a significant reduction in traffic throughout the day.
All the roads are plowed and treated.
As temperatures are expected to drop later tonight, staff at Galway County Council are dealing with priority roads of nearly 700 km kilometers.
Local government workers in Galway are monitoring flood risk before the city\'s high tide on Saturday morning.
At this stage, it is believed that the tide alone will not cause major problems.
Most businesses in Galway are still closed due to conditions.
During this day, most areas have improved, the snow has eased, and the snow has melted.
The roads around all the major towns are clear tonight, but the problems around Erris are still there, with heavy snowfall last night and this morning.
Inand\'s situation is particularly bad and is expected to be fully operational on Saturday morning after the airline canceled its one-day flight on Friday.
Private bus operators, Go bus and City Link plan offer almost complete services.
On Saturday morning, the bus will review the situation of highway and city services.
A road observer said there was heavy snow on the route in Galway, especially in the surrounding areas.
In addition, drivers are also warned to be extra careful on the surrounding secondary roads, and try to avoid them if possible.
In Rosemont, Garda reported that the County Council staff in the province are dealing with the main route, and the snow around is very large.
Connaught reports that snow and ice will be very cold in some places.
More snowfall is expected, mainly in the south and west of the province, where it can sometimes be heavy, especially in higher terrain.
There are water restrictions around Conamara due to water in Ireland, which also warns that due to the high demand treatment plant at Co Mayo is working to meet the demand.
They say there is a high demand for water supply plans, most likely because people have taps in their homes.
Where possible, people are asked not to run a dishwasher or washing machine, but to take a bath instead of taking a bath.
There are some minor power outages around the northwest of Mayo.
The ESB network says staff are working to restore supplies.
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