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computerized machines aid human watchmakers

by:QY Precision      2019-08-28
Victoria in GE Myers-based
4,2012, Green Chen, Switzerland-
At Omega\'s latest production plant, which opened nine months ago in the small town at the foot of zhulla Mountain, tourists were asked to wear a white lab coat before entering the room where the brand cooperated, apply blue plastic to hair and shoes
The axial timing movement with a caliber of 9300 is assembled.
Mechanical watches may be a step back to outdated Renaissance technology, but many of the best examples in the world are made in a factory similar to the NASA test lab.
The poster hanging on the wall outside the room is a great help in explaining the strict attention to sterility, which describes the source and size of various dust particles: for example, per minute, A stationary Cotton running suit that emits 40 particles larger than 5 microns in diameter;
The same suit in the sport stirred up 818.
\"We don\'t want to take the risk of dust entering the sport,\" the guide said . \".
The commitment to cleaning is not the only reason why Omega\'s future factory is different. The high-
The technical assembly line developed for Omega by its parent company, Swatch Group, appears to be a traditional conveyor belt that shuttles through the carriages around the room, from one station to another.
However, unlike yore\'s assembly line, Omega\'s 9300 production line relies on RFID or RFID tags embedded in each movement to provide a certain degree of accuracy, the speed and data storage potential that previous generations of watchmakers have never imagined.
For example, the label knows which stations a movement has passed, whether it has been oiled, and whether the measurements between its wheels are within a certain range of strict tolerances.
Refueling and measurement is done by the robot, but when the bridge is mounted on the balance wheel and the movement starts to beat like the heart, the voil a moment is performed by the human hand
In this case, a young woman has several tattoos on her body, a silver stud above her lips, and a red leather bracelet that says \"Camden Town \".
\"Lest the use of the robot indicate that she and her 30-
Stephen Urquhart, president of Omega, stressed that some colleagues are in danger of being laid off, \"Automation is only used for repetitive tasks to support humanity.
\"In fact, all the complicated assembly is done by hand ,\"
Urquhart said in an email
Two days after the end of 2012 Olympic Games, Omega became the official timekeeper of the games.
\"Some of the operations performed by the robot are also checked by highly skilled operators one by one,\" he added . \".
The critical existence of human beings will never diminish the acceptance of technology by Swiss watch manufacturers.
Although extremely complexof-a-
The friendly clock is still sitting by an old-
Old-fashioned benches, usually working on models from start to finish, are heavily produced products in highly industrialized environments that mask the classic styling of time clips.
\"Technology has almost completely taken over the industry,\" said Ron decott, a watchmaker and technical writer living in Toledo, Ohio, he works as an apprentice under Swiss watchmaker Philip Dufour and Derek Pratt.
\"It has replaced manual skills.
Things that used to take 10 hours for a watchmaker to produce now take 10 minutes.
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The main reason for saving time is the popularity of computers.
Computer-aided design (CAD, software and computer CNC or CNC) machines.
Obtained from manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany and Japan, Japan is an expensive countryof-the-
Until 1970, the art machine has replaced the manual equipment that dominates the industry.
The ad \"CNC is just a very broad generic term that covers many different machines with different features,\" says Richard Miller, founder of the Swiss luxury brand of the same name.
\"Some just grind sapphire glass, for example, like my RM 056.
Others can create complex carvings.
The other is dedicated to the production of substrates.
In fact, you can say that every machine used in Swiss manufacturing today is a CNC machine.
\"The Swiss have come a long way since the rise of Japanese quartz technology, which destroyed the mechanical watchmaking industry in the 1970 s.
The revival began in the late 1980 s, followed by an investment boom in cutting --edge machinery.
Karl said: \"The evolution of the production of watch shells and moving parts has been amazing over the past 20 years
Friedman Scheufele, co-
Chairman Chopard.
\"Today, it is possible to draw a whole watch on the computer screen and test the mechanical conditions.
It\'s almost like an object was there before it really existed.
\"What\'s more impressive is the new 3-
The printing technology that Chopard and other leading brands have recently tried.
The process, known as metal laser melting, is used to make prototypes directly with precious metals overnight, a sci-fi fantasy come true.
It starts with an atomised powder alloy, which is bombarded with a laser very precisely, thus \"growing\" a design with a layer of metal layer, according to the instructions that are imported into the machine in the CAD file.
The spirit of a family
Jean-said that the state-owned clock maker, also located in Green Chen, has so far used metal laser melting to quickly manufacture prototypes
Paul Girardin, vice president of the company.
The investment cost of the laser machine, which is about $200,000, is part of Breitling\'s strategic efforts, which began in 2004, aiming to gain independence from external suppliers.
Before 2009, when Breitling introduced the caliber B01, its first movement was built in
House, the company purchased most of the watch parts from ETA Group\'s powerful movement and parts supplier ETA.
According to the understanding that the ETA, first announced in 2002, will eventually stop selling parts to companies that Swatch Group does not own, breitling is one of the dozens of former watch fitters dedicated in recent years to building their own manufacturing capabilities, contributed to the explosion of technical experiments.
\"This is a big step between assembling parts and producing parts,\" Mr. Girardin said.
\"When you receive parts from someone else but something goes wrong, you can find a solution, but when you produce parts, if they don\'t work, you have to understand why they don\'t work, this is a challenge.
\"But in the end, you will become stronger and more independent,\" he said.
A version of the article was published in the International Herald Tribune on September 5, 2012.
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