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Composition of CNC precision machining machine tool cabinet operation panel

by:QY Precision      2020-02-19
Composition of CNC precision machining machine tool instrument cabinet operation panel SA1-pulse width selection SA2 ~ SA7-power tube selection SA8-voltage amplitude selection RP1-pulse interval adjustment PV1-voltage amplitude indication emergency stop button press this button, the machine transport wire, pump motor stop, pulse power output cut off. CNC precision machining pulse power supply parameter setting: pulse width ti selection switch SA1 is divided into six gears, starting from the left to the right: First gear: 5 s second gear: 15 µs third gear: 30 µs fourth gear: 50 µs fifth gear: 80 µs sixth gear: 120 µs in CNC lathe processing, power tube number selection switch SA2 ~ SA7 can control the number of power tubes participating in the work. If all six switches are turned on and six power tubes work at the same time, the peak current is the largest. If all five switches are turned off and only one power tube works, the peak current is the smallest. Each switch controls a power tube. In general, CNC precision machining amplitude voltage selection switch SA8 is used to select no-load pulse voltage amplitude. The switch is pressed to the 'L' position with a voltage of about 75 V, press to the 'H' position, the voltage is about 100 V. Changing the pulse interval t0 to adjust the resistance value of potentiometer RP1 can change the pulse interval t0 of the output rectangular pulse waveform, I . e. the average value of the processing current can be changed. The potentiometer is rotated to the leftmost and the pulse interval is the smallest, the average value of CNC precision machining current is the largest. Voltmeter PV1, from 0 ~ The 150V odometer indicates the amplitude of no-load pulse voltage.
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