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Communicating machines: retrofitting, proprietary vs. open architecture? (CNC Controls).

by:QY Precision      2019-10-20
The CNC control market consists of three groups: end users, OEMs, and shopfitters.
Each of the three groups has the same goal. -
Improve machine operation--
But there are many different options on the market, just like there are control and control providers.
Every control has its own benefits, whether it\'s open
Internet architecture system
Enabled or superior in network communications.
The transformation is still a major business for many control manufacturers, \"the transformation reduces the downtime of machine tools, improves the reliability of machine tools, and increases the cycle time by more than 75% in all industries, and improve according to Jim fall, President and CEO of Ann Arbor MDSI, Michigan.
MDSI\'s OpenCNCsoftware control can be used in non-
Proprietary computers, do not use proprietary hardware or motion control cards.
The software is for sale in ashrink-wrapped box.
Eldon Richardson, MI Meridian\'s complete CNC machine repair company, started his transformation business in 1987 as an independent operator, transforming several major control companies.
Now, his business only represents MDSI control, he is open-
A fully proprietary approach to architecture control.
\"The biggest problem I noticed with opencnc is that people\'s maintenance costs are down,\" he said . \".
\"They don\'t need to support the high cost of traditional control ---
Power supply, circuit board maintenance, etc.
One of my OpenCNCcustomers told me that he saved up to $70,000 in control costs, plus that his machine was running more normally.
\"The MDSI control allows the actual hardware to be updated at a time;
The motor and drive can be placed later.
OpenCNC only produces software packages, not the entire owner control, and it can release a new version of the software and update control without changing any hardware. \"It may take 2-
\"Over the past four years, we have introduced a new proprietary technology,\" said Fall . \"
\"It\'s the most like making a car.
It takes three years from concept to market.
The cycle is short for us.
We bring new technologies to the market every six to nine months.
\"A control company will no longer be able to sell memory for $5,000 a megabyte,\" said Fall . \".
Or sell Ethernet cards for $3,000.
An open architecture required by users.
If there is no demand, we will have no business.
\"According to MachineMate Inc. , saving machine modifications can save an outdated machine with unusablecontrol
, Fondelake, wireless, developer ofMachineMate software.
According to the company, the cost savings of buying a new machine are considerable for the selection of instruments, Galena Park, TX, which is considering the transformation of an American long bed lathe at the end of 1970s.
When adding a new control, the only modification to the machine is to replace the old encoder, about $90 each, and install the bracket.
The cost of the entire mechanical renovation is less than $500.
In addition to the encoder, the transformation is a plug-inand-
Go, PC like MachineMate-
CNC-based can be connected to existing analog servo drives on older machine tools such as USA\'s hustler lathe.
The transformation team of Siemens Energy and automation company GA Alpharetta has been very busy recently.
\"We find that many customers simply cannot buy new machines,\" said John Meyer of Siemens marketing/communications . \".
\"They chose to transform their current machines with new CNC, motors and drives.
Siemens will evaluate, calibrate, certify, relocate, start up and provide continuous machine maintenance for modified machines.
Control transformation packages can be customized according to specific needs and budgets.
\"Like other major CNC control suppliers, Siemens is the base processing market, digital CNCs for complex processing and industrial, PC-based CNCs.
The company also provides software for grinding and turning as well as motors and drives.
The use of friendly controls is also an advantage for the flipfitmarket.
\"If updated to PC-
Based on CNC, the familiarity of standard PCs makes users feel comfortable without having to learn specific proprietary CNC, \"said Nyles Priest, president of MachineMateInc. Being user-
Friendliness is an advantage of the latest controls of fagorautomation Corp.
Village of elkgrove.
CNC Powerhittercontrol for lathes, grinding machines, and routers provides dialog programming as well as Gcode, solid and tool path graphics, as well as contour generators with graphic assist.
11 inch color LCD display, 32-
Bit CPU with mathco
Processor, 1 mb ram and 2 MB flash memory.
This package includes a fully enclosed 8040 control with servo motor and drive.
Each system has a two-year warranty and offers a full cable, test and installation preparation.
While the control of the new version may be a mature technology, it is still improving.
Mark Brownhill, GE Fanuc CNC product manager, VA Charlottsville, said: \"Of course, the updated technology allows machine tool manufacturers to manufacture new machine tools with more multi-axis and coordination . \".
\"We have trouble shooting our latest controls. The high-
High-speed machining is a big step forward in the past, and they have been around for a while.
But I think the control technology is very mature.
\"The updated control is an asset because it has more communication power than the old model.
\"The oldest control system has a very low level of communication,\" Brown Hill said . \".
\"New products can integrate everything into a new environment, and newercontrol has better programming capabilities --
More features that can compensate for mechanical problems on the machine.
Sufficient power in the control avoids resonance in the machine, maximizing the productivity of the machine.
These technologies can even make low-cost machines run faster.
\"The new CNC control was developed with faster cpu, speed and axis, but the main addition is usually not related to the control function of the unit.
Brown Hill said that when customers come to GE Fanuc with requirements for control options, they will encounter problems looking for solutions rather than ideas for new features.
\"More and more people think that the solution is not a function of CNC.
\"The biggest problem is integration,\" he said . \"
\"Everyone is going to go into some version of lean manufacturing and they are all forced to do more in less time.
The importance of communication has reached a new height.
Customers want to connect their control to other systems.
Make our products over Ethernet
\"When enabled, they can connect all the business systems and remain strong CNCapproach,\" Brown Hill notes . \".
Through data collection and e-commerce
More complex CNC systems can integrate more computer systems, which are the main components of the manufacturing industry.
\"CNCs can coordinate the entire business process, not just the manufacturing process,\" Brown Hill said . \".
Data collection engine from DLoG Inc.
IL Elgin helps complete communication between machine tools and executive desks.
The system provides automatic report generation of machine tool utilization, work order status, manual report and time and attendance without the burden and overhead of a large and cumbersome database.
The data collection engine can-
Moments of being recorded-by-
Current DNC system in workshop.
\"This machine tool monitoring software is essentially a way to convert complex, clumsy information into smaller databases that are completely isolated from the main workshop data.
\"This is unique because it uses binary logs, not databases, allowing faster processing,\" said David Wales, president of DLoG . \".
Latest Products in software L2 and eCNC from MachineMate, havebrowser-
The operator-based interface using HTML frameworks and Java applets allows web designers to develop CNC displays.
\"L2 through 48 inputs, 32 outputs and 4-
\"All shaft analog drive interfaces are in the case of stainless steel, CE listing and grade-compliant protection,\" Priest said . \".
The package for OEM or shopfit has two operator front panel configurations with three display options.
The company launched the Linux operating system CNC in January, along with the gear roller bed and grinder package.
\"There are two advantages to Linux operating systems,\" Priest said . \"
\"It\'s a more powerful system and it\'s cheaper.
This is a free operating system.
Even if we buy windows OS by volume, it\'s still a few hundred dollars.
\"The cost of passing to the end user in a more expensive form of control.
New CNC accessories such as additional machine tool manufacturer panels and hand-held Manual pulse generators have also been introduced for customer requirements.
The latest version of OpenCNC, version 6.
2, increase the mechanical performance, more than 25% MDSI claims.
Support industry standard hardware such as Ethernet hardware to provide customers with more choices.
The new version also provides advanced knowledge of the 5-Field
Shaft processing and 5-
Shaft inspection and detection.
OpenCNC can be used for \"the entire manufacturing technology field\", including machining centers, lathe and lathe centers, grinding machines, lasers, NC punches and water jets, says Fall.
These software can be extended from one manufacturing technology to another.
New version of Amajor for OpenCNC will be in2003.
\"What do customers ask us to do?
\"Improve,\" said Autumn.
\"Continuous process improvement applies it to the field of control technology.
Companies have to do more with less money every year.
Everything we can do for them is driving us forward. \" DLoG Inc. , www. rsleads. com/301tp-
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