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coep\'s lab undergoes rs 3 cr makeover | pune news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-03
Ambitious Rs 3-
Transformation of the British
Era Production Engineering Laboratory, Pune Institute of Engineering (CoEP)
With the official inauguration ceremony held on Tuesday in front of the MP Supriya Sule.
The laboratory, an integral part of CoEP, was founded in 1854 and is the third oldest engineering institution in Asia.
The laboratory was established in 1874.
Anil sahasrabudhu, director of CoEP, told TOI on Tuesday that \"laboratory buildings have all the decorations of traditional British architecture . \".
\"However, in recent years, due to a sad situation in the laboratory over time, there is an urgent need for attention.
\"The machines and equipment that the students use their hands-
\"In experiments related to what they have learned in theory, it\'s out of date,\" he said, adding, \"the lab needs internal changes due to poor light, leaking roof and floor damage
\"Our limited financial resources do not allow us to make major changes to the laboratory.
This is when Mumbai contacted CoEP.
Headquartered in Vinod Doshi industrial group and offered to help with the transformation, \"said sahasrabudhu, who also held a meeting last year in Mumbai with Maitreya Doshi, head of the group.
Doshi also provided five.
Time scholarships for outstanding students from poor and poor families, \"said sahasrabudhu.
The modernization of the Laboratory began a year ago with a major reform of the interior and has now gained a modern look. The British-
Time lathes also make way for the latest CNC machines that meet industry practices.
He said the group contributed Rs 2 to the modernization and scholarship program, while CoEP invested the remaining funds for the program.
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