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coding is the new craftsmanship in the latest museum of arts and design exhibit

by:QY Precision      2019-10-08
Plato said it was impossible.
According to the ancient Greek philosophers, you can think through the forms of beauty in your mind, but you can\'t manipulate them physically.
Of course Plato has no computer.
On the other hand, computers are indispensable tools for more and more contemporary artists and designers, and 3D scanners, printers and CNC factories are also indispensable tools.
Opened this month at the Museum of Art and Design, this is the first encyclopedic exhibition featuring a series of creative digital modeling and manufacturing from the age of 90 to today.
From public buildings to diamond jewelry, 120 works are on display in view.
Designers Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen designed a sofa to consider \"comfort\" when connected to an EEG \".
The electrical signal is transmitted to a CNC machine that engrave the undulating contours of the brainwaves into a piece of polyurethane foam.
Dirk Vander koooij also has a dining chair, which is extruded from recycled refrigerator plastic and has a jagged surface due to the limited memory of the robot producing the first prototype.
Since then, the robot\'s memory has increased exponentially, but for Van der Koy, the robot\'s explanation of his intentions is better than the design he expected.
The chair perfectly embodies the limited digital world view of the machine that made it.
Some artists at hand are as bold as designers.
Wim Delvoye scans a normal object like a toy dump truck, which mathematically distorts his computer and outputs at the intersection
Part of the lasercut steel.
Frank Stella scans simple sculpture models and performs geometric deformation in 3D software to generate extremely complex brackets for his colorful paintings.
Sushi Sugimoto\'s math in CNC is more clear
Steel sculpture.
In fact, it is the reason for the existence of the whole substance.
The rotating surface of his constant negative curvature extends to infinity on the computer.
Even in terms of metals, it reached a level that was sharp enough to confuse the ancient Greek philosophers.
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Picture Description: Twisted Dump Truck (
Scale Model 1:5)
Wim Delvoye, 2011. Nickel-
Laser cut steel.
By Patricia low contemporary Gstaad/St. Moritz.
Photo: Studio Wim Delvoye. ]
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