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cnn wolf blitzer reports

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October 10, 2002 broadcast
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CNN anchor wolf blitzer: is a deadly shooting in the suburbs of Washington the latest work of a serial sniper? As U. S.
The action against Iraq has received important support from Congress, and CNN\'s Nic Robertson conducted a first-hand investigation into a suspected Iraqi weapons factory.
It is said that the top leaders of al-Qaida have issued new threats. they tell us what al-Qaida\'s ability to wage war against the United States is?
Some say Andy Rooney has been playing too long to find out why many women think the veteran commentator has gone too far.
It is Thursday, October 10, 2002.
I\'m Wolf Blitzer from Washington.
The House passed a resolution authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq, and the Senate is ready to do the same.
In this critical vote, we will be going to Capitol Hill and the White House in a few minutes to learn more.
But first, police believe it was the latest deadly attack by snipers threatening the Washington area of the capital. A 53-year-
At about 8: 15 last night, at a gas station in Manassas, Virginia, the old man was shot dead while refuelling the car.
The investigation will be fully launched this hour, and if confirmed, it will be the ninth attack by the sniper in eight days and the seventh death.
We have two reports.
Edward lavadala is in Prince William County, Virginia, and more is being investigated.
Catherine Koch began a killing spree in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Let\'s start with Ed. -Ed.
Ed lavadala, cnn correspondent: Wolf, police officer in Prince William County at 6: 00 eastern time, Virginia will hold another briefing, what we are looking forward to hearing is perhaps the answer to many people in the Virginia area to the imminent question of whether the authorities here are nervous or not can link this latest shooting incident with the sniper intimidation of Washington, d. C. area. (Start Video)
LAVANDERA (voice-over)
: Around 8: 15 on Wednesday night, 53-year-
Old Dean Harold Meyers gets off at the Manassas gas station in Virginia.
When a gun hit his upper body, he was about to start fueling his tank.
Working in Virginia, miles from Maryland died at the scene.
Prince William County police closed the highway and cast a net on the highway to find clues and evidence that the murderer may have left behind.
The authorities were familiar with the initial details of the case.
Prince William chief Charlie DeanVA.
The results of the autopsy did reveal some evidence.
The evidence has been handed over to the ATF laboratory, which is in the process of analysis.
Rawaldra: two shootings also took place at a gas station.
There was only one shot and the police again said they were looking for a white paneled vehicle in which case witnesses said the vehicle looked like a car with no side window or rear window
Dean: The overall situation in this case still seems to be consistent with other shooting incidents, that is, the overall situation is consistent with other shooting incidents in the area. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Rawaldra: Now, Wolf, the police can\'t get any license plate information from the white van they said they saw, but they did see that they were also able to get some help from other witnesses in the area.
Meanwhile, after-school events and sporting events in Prince William County have been canceled until Sunday-Wolf.
Again, Ed, we will be ready for this press conference.
You said at the top of the hour, this is coming?
Yes Sir, the most important thing is that they will come out and the police chief in Prince William County will come out and they said they initially canceled all the press conferences for the rest of the day, just to say, they will come out if something important is to pass, so we expect this to be the kind of news.
BLITZER: by then, almost 22 hours have passed since the shooting.
Thank you, Ed lavadala.
Of course, we will wait here for CNN\'s press conference.
Now, the latest shooting has added urgency to the investigation in Montgomery County, Maryland.
CNN\'s Catherine Koch is there with more potentially critical evidence of the death card on the tarot card. (Start Video)
Catherine Koch, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
: The Tarot card that the murderer may or may not have left is not just a grim statement for the police.
In addition to the words \"Dear Police, I am God\", a highly valued source close to the investigation said that there was a written warning to the police not to disclose information or the presence of cards.
The police believe that the sniper may try to get in touch with the murderer and hope to establish a rapport with the murderer.
The instructions were exposed, experts said.
Crime investigator Pat Brown: He doesn\'t want to think he\'s the same as them.
He wants to go beyond them and control them, but he wants to start some kind of communication so he can have a good time.
Koch: At the same time, as police are working on an investigation covering four counties and the District of Colombia, they have set up a new central reporting line for all the shootings run by the FBI
The chief of police in Montgomery County was asked if the federal government should take over the case.
Charles Mu, chief of police at Montgomery County: it doesn\'t matter to myself or to Mr.
Duncan in charge of the investigation
We want to find the people responsible for this, arrest them, sue them, and conviction.
Koch: it was reported that a witness saw a white-paneled van leaving the shooting scene at the Virginia gas station, police in Maryland continue to look for what a witness said was a white-box truck near the sniper shooting scene.
It raises questions about whether the two cars can be the same. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Koch: We will raise some of these questions at a press conference in Montgomery County, which is also scheduled to start at 6: 00. m.
So we hope they get some answers, but the chief of police didn\'t say much today.
I think again we think it may be because of the entire dispute over the tarot card, in Montgomery County the police are more careful about what they say, about what they share with reporters, and another hope here, the weather continued to improve.
We had a lot of rain today.
This not only makes it difficult for law enforcement officers on site to accept, but it is also possible to wash away evidence, DNA and other things that can help the police solve the case-back to you.
BLITZER: Catherine Koch, Rockville, Maryland, in Montgomery County.
We will also monitor the press conference at the top of the hour.
There\'s a lot of potential news out there and so-
The death card on the tarot card adds a terrible twist to this series of terrible killings.
Investigators have to wonder if what the killer told them was beyond their expectations. (Start Video)BLITZER (voice-over)
: Police have not yet determined whether the tarot card found near the scene of a middle school shooting on Monday was actually D. C. area sniper.
Do we have a killer on our hands?
The authorities are uncertain.
There are some iconic killers in modern American history.
Sam David Berkowitz\'s son and the California Zodiac killer communicate with police and reporters while they are crazy about killing people, but what about the tarot card?
It has its own mystery. PROF.
David rodeir of American University: you can use them for any type of game you want, although they are not usually used for this type of game now.
It was centuries ago.
Now, they are primarily a mysterious new era of numeracy.
BLITZER: the tarot card should be to interpret events in a person\'s life to predict the future or to symbolize something.
The card readers put them on the table after shuffling, and then start explaining them according to their placement.
But tarot cards can be explained in many different ways.
The death card, like the one found near Middle School on Monday, usually does not even mean death.
RODIER: in most mysterious versions, it is generally not considered bad or negative, and although it has that meaning as well, it does not ---
It means changing and breaking a particular routine into something new.
BLITZER: Most experts trace the history of the tarot card back to the 1300 s, thinking that the tarot card was created by the European Gypsy.
They are not just quirky props from Voodoo and the cult world.
RODIER: starting in their 60 s, in pop culture, they have always been a fairly standard symbol in terms of rock music album covers, etc. (END VIDEOTAPE)
BLITZER: the police in the area spent a lot of time researching those tarot cards to see if there were any clues that could lead to the capture of the killer.
When we come back, the House is behind the president on the Iraq issue, does that mean the United States is on the verge of an attack?
We will get the Congressional response.
We will also stay at the White House.
In addition, there is growing evidence that top al-Qaida leaders are still alive and plan their next attack.
We will tell you what caused a global alert, please stay with us. (
Business break)
BLITZER: a warning to some Americans about al Qaeda\'s terrorist operations overseas.
This will be reported in wolf blitzer. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
President Bush got some good news from Capitol Hill today.
The House has overwhelmingly passed powerful measures to support the president\'s Iraq policy, and the Senate is ready to follow suit.
Our congressional correspondent, Kate Snow, reports in detail. -Kate.
CNN congressional correspondent Kate Snow: Well, Wolf, this is a vote of support for the president.
In addition to the six Republicans in the House, 81 Democrats voted for the resolution authorizing the president to use force against Iraq.
Throughout the day, members walked to the floor of the House, many of them, most of whom supported the resolution against Saddam Hussein.
As one Republican leader once said, he said he committed a series of evil crimes.
Of course, a key endorsement of House Democratic leader Dick gewhart is that you will remember that he stood shoulder to shoulder last week --to-
Shoulder to shoulder with the president at the White House.
He told the members that they should vote on their conscience, but he was very clear about how he would vote. (
Start Video Editing)REP. DICK GEPHARDT (D-MO)
MINORITY Party leader: September 11 is the last wake-up call.
We must now do everything we can to prevent further terrorist attacks and to ensure that there will be no attacks of weapons of mass destruction. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Snow: it\'s clear that Dick gewhart voted for the resolution, but the other Democrats broke up with him, including his own second, the second Democrat in the house.
She believes that, in fact, if you use force against Iraq, it will reduce the war on terrorism. (
Start Video Editing)REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA)
I oppose this resolution on the grounds of national security.
The obvious danger facing our country at present is terrorism.
I put it bluntly that the unilateral use of force, without first exhausting all diplomatic remedies and other remedies, and presenting the facts to the American people, would be detrimental to our war on terrorism. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Snow: In the end, the resolution won 296 votes and 133 against it.
In that vote, however, more than 120 Democrats voted against the resolution, Wolf, and as a result, quite a few members of parliament were dissatisfied with the resolution, but the vast majority passed, we also look forward to the Senate passing this resolution ---Wolf.
Especially now, Kate, Democratic leader, Senate Majority Leader Tom daschler joins the president, but the head count I can see in the Senate looks like almost 50/50 of Democrats.
Half will go with the president, half will not.
Snow: Yes, there was a convincing vote earlier today. A procedural vote, but it voted 75 in favor and 25 in opposition, and we expect this to be very close to what will eventually happen in the Senate, but about 75 or most of the Republicans, except for one possibility, about half of the Democrats will be with the president of the United States. S. Senate.
Kate Snow did our job on Capitol Hill and thank you for your report.
The president does not need a long time to come out and express satisfaction with what is happening.
He went over and said to reporters.
Our John King is over at the White House and he will tell us everything ---John.
CNN White House senior correspondent John King: Wolff, the president briefly told reporters after calling House Speaker Dennis Hatter and House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, the president thanked them for their work.
Yes, the White House would be happy if most Democrats in the House supported the resolution, but the president came to Roosevelt Hall to announce the victory, thanking the House for standing with him and sending a message. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
US President Bush: The House has made it clear to the world and the UN Security Council.
The growing threat in Iraq must be fully and ultimately resolved.
Today\'s vote also sent a clear message to the Iraqi regime.
It must disarm and comply with all existing US laws. N.
Otherwise it will be forced to comply with the resolution. (END VIDEO CLIP)
King: more than twoto-
The White House expects the president\'s advantage in the house to be close to three --to-
There is an advantage in the next Senate vote.
At this time tomorrow, the president should give both houses of Congress a record to authorize him to use force against Iraq. At this time tomorrow, look at the Wolf, look at the president, and ask the United Nations to take action too, saying that the United States is talking in one voice.
It\'s time for the Security Council to pass a tough new resolution, otherwise the president will lead an alliance outside the UN, but privately lead the U. S.
Officials continue to tell us that the diplomatic work of the United Nations is progressing smoothly.
President wants the US governmentN.
They say they may be a little optimistic here, but may take action by the end of next week.
BLITZER: So, John, do they think that these strong votes in the Senate and the House will convince the French and Russians, for example, to go with the United StatesS.
Version of the new Security Council resolution?
Kim: they certainly believe that in diplomacy with France and Russia, it is helpful to make clear that the president\'s political position in the United States is very solid.
During the debate on issues other than the Russian and French issues, the House and Senate floor.
But they do think it will help when the president is able to visit the United Nations, especially the main members of the Security Council, France and Russia, saying that I have the support of Congress
I will do so with the support of the United Nations or without the support of the United Nations.
If you want to have any impact on the results, you should join us now.
John King is very grateful at the White House.
This is your chance to participate in this story.
Our online question today is: Do you agree that the House voted to authorize President Bush to fight Iraq if necessary?
We will get results in this project later.
Go to My cnn page. com/wolf.
You can vote there.
When you were there, send me your comment.
At the end of this show, I will try to read some of them in the air every day.
Of course, you can also read my daily online column cnn here. com/wolf.
Strengthened security in New York City, and now there is evidence that top al-Qaida leaders are still alive, raising concerns among many Americans around the world to take a closer look at some unfinished things in the war on terror.
The Super smallpox virus can kill thousands of people. Is it really possible to protect this country?
We will talk to an expert with serious doubts, but first of all, today\'s news quiz.
In what war was smallpox originally used as a weapon;
Civil War, the French and Indian Wars, the First World War, Vietnam, the answer came. (
Business break)
What we are seeing now is a major development.
I want to go to Barbara Starr on CNN.
On Sunday, she was on standby at the Pentagon to report the explosion of a French supertanker that crashed off the coast of Yemen.
What happened to Barbara?
CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara StarrS.
Investigators now say there is solid evidence that this was an attack on the French supertanker Lindbergh off the coast of Yemen on October 6, resulting in a massive fire and explosion on board.
Military sources told CNN that the French authorities have found three things, and they have found debris on supertankers.
They found the residue of TNT.
They found fiberglass on the Lindbergh and also found parts of a small marine engine.
Now, investigators from the United StatesS.
The Navy\'s Criminal Investigation Department said the pattern of the explosion showed that the explosion initiated from the outside was very similar to the pattern of the explosion on the American ship. S.
The Navy warship Corr, which was bombed in Yemen about two years ago. U. S.
Officials also told CNN tonight that a local newspaper in Yemen has now received a statement of responsibility from an Islamic group.
They don\'t know if the organization is related to al-Qaida yet. -Wolf.
BLITZER: You remember Barbara, right after the Cole explosion, when the Yemeni government initially said no, it was an accident and it could not be terrorism.
They said exactly the same thing on Sunday.
What does that say about the Yemeni government and its cooperation in the war against terrorism?
Starr: Well, the officials here know that the Yemeni government has some challenges and sensitivity within its own country.
They certainly hope the Yemeni government will use the same language, but the U. S.
Officials suspected from the beginning that they first saw the size of the fire and holes on the tanker.
Officials told us from the beginning that if it was some kind of engineering failure or mechanical explosion on this supertanker, it would be very unusual.
The tankers were built very carefully.
They doubted this from the beginning.
BLITZER: Our Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr, as she often does, is breaking news on this show.
Thank you for your report.
In the 13 months after September 11, government officials took al-Qaida leaders very seriously on a series of tapes that threatened to launch a new attack on the United States.
This prompted the FBI to issue a warning and to strengthen some security precautions.
Our justice correspondent, Kelly arena, reports. (Start Video)
Kelly arena, CNN Justice Correspondent (voice-over): U. S.
Officials are concerned that al-Qaida may be ready for another big strike.
The FBI has warned of a new tape featuring Ayman Al.
Zawahiri may have been a signal that the attack plan has been approved, a suspicion confirmed by a senior al-Qaida detainee.
White House spokesman Ali Fletcher: Unfortunately, we still have the possibility of terrorists, al-Qaida terrorists, those who seek restructuring still want to do harm to the interests of the United States and US abroad.
ARENA: In a warning to law enforcement agencies across the country, the FBI reminded colleagues that 1998 fatwa called for attacks on Americans around the world, the group also said, al-Qaida is trying to manipulate the broader Islamic extremist group to attack the United States.
Attorney General John Ashcroft: We take intelligence very seriously, which may remind us to send a signal to those who tend to terrorism.
ARENA: Zawahiri is considered alive, and his unconfirmed statement about Osama bin Laden also Alive suggests that there may be enough leaders to direct the other in good condition
Bruce Hoffman of Rand
: You still have an entity that thinks it\'s necessary, and in fact, it actively publishes propaganda that still tries to rally troops, which I think shows is an opponent that is hard to beat completely.
Arena: even without high-level instructions, al-Qaida cells spread around the globe after the attacks in Afghanistan did pose a threat.
Counter-terrorism officials noted that the gun battles involving Kuwaiti Marines could be an example of a small attack carried out independently.
Hoffman: That\'s why I think it\'s very important to be vigilant because terrorists attack when they feel the opening and when they feel the guard is down.
Arena: there is no specific intelligence about the target or time, but al Qaeda members have repeatedly threatened the United StatesS. economy.
As a result, security measures have been further strengthened in New York City. (END VIDEOTAPE)
ARENA: In Washington, the State Department is expected to issue a new global warning to Americans overseas.
In addition, Wolf has instructed all overseas positions, including the embassy, to be on top alert.
Thank you for your report.
A week later, a sniper shooting took place in the Washington area, trying to live a normal life, but is it possible that there is a killer at large?
Also, there is some good news in terms of money to find out why it is a little easier to buy a house.
In addition, CBS commentator Andy Rooney shared some unfriendly words about women.
First, look at the headlines around the world. (Start Video)BLITZER (voice-over)
Pakistan held its first general election since the 1999 coup and General Musharraf took office.
Despite the fact that two popular former prime ministers were actually banned, about 100 political parties took part in the vote.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair is working on the latest scandal that threatens Northern Ireland\'s power-sharing government.
The coalition leader called on the IRA\'s political group, the new Fen party, to be deported because police found an Irish republican spy gang allegedly holding stolen British documents.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been protested by thousands in Caracas.
His term lasted until 2007, but opponents wanted early elections.
Chavez will plunge the economy into recession. Mr.
Chavez was temporarily ousted in a coup in April.
This is Taiwan\'s National Day, marking the 1911 overthrow of the last dynasty in China.
Taiwan\'s president used the holiday to call on China to remove hundreds of missiles targeting Taiwan.
Replace the threat with negotiations.
Philippine President Gloria Arroyo has provided too much information to respond to a reporter\'s questionyear-
The old mother of three children, if she still has sex.
Arroyo responded: \"a lot.
\"She went on to ask reporters to make international policy headlines, not her love life.
Is this the face of Egypt\'s most famous pharaoh?
Scientists in London use digital technology based on X-
The light from his skull is what we think of the world. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Welcome back to CNN.
I\'m Wolf Blitzer. Coming up --
Scattered sniper
See how residents in the Washington area respond to their daily fears.
But first, let\'s take a look at some other stories that are now making news.
Two other former world communications executives have pleaded guilty to security fraud charges.
Former accounting department officials Betty Vincent and Troy Norman made their request today in federal court in New York.
Prosecutors said they were involved in an illegal plan to inflate the company\'s reported revenue.
Israeli officials say a Palestinian bomber detonated himself earlier today at a bus stop near Tel Aviv, killing a woman and injuring 20 people.
Police described the crazy scene of the driver and passenger uniforms the bomber and trying to disarm the device.
The annual mortgage rate in the United States is 30-year low.
Mortgage giant Freddie Mac reports that the average interest rate today has fallen to 5.
98%, the lowest level since 1971.
Low mortgage rates are supporting a country
Home sales and refinancing have increased significantly.
Before the tropical low-pressure Kyle, there was a tropical storm on the coast of Florida and Georgia.
This storm system enjoyed 6-
Longest Life on Record
It was a tropical storm and a hurricane.
Forecasters say it may hit tropical storm intensity again before landing tonight or early tomorrow.
Until a week ago, life in Montgomery County, Maryland, and near the American capital was similar to any ordinary American suburb.
But the deadly atrocities of snipers have changed most of the events of at least six serial killings ---
Five happened there.
CNN reporter Michael Okwu visited Montgomery County again, the first sniper shooting incident a week ago. (Start Video)
CNN reporter MICHAEL OKWU (voice-over)
: After a week, it becomes difficult to take these small things for granted.
Sit on a public bench
Pack groceries. Pumping gas.
The secular world has never been so closely connected with death.
This changed the life of Montgomery County.
Unidentified women: we don\'t really do what we usually do.
Suzy Jean (ph)
Coffee continued in the morning.
But the franchise she visited has pulled the chair indoors.
She won\'t bring her three children.
We don\'t play outdoors.
We had a great backyard and we played toys in the driveway and in the garage.
OKWU: Five people were shot dead last week in 16 hours of random murder. 55-year-
Old James Martin was the first to die.
It rained on the outskirts of Washington, and residents walked through the shadows of his monument. (on camera)
The second victim was shot dead near Rockville Pike.
Perhaps the busiest commercial corridor in the county.
This kind of place is full of dollars in the United States, and your brain may turn to what your child is doing or what you may be eating. (voice-over)
: James Sonny Buchanan was shot dead while cutting grass behind the car dealer.
Some silent people who know him, they live in the old-
The traditional rules of smile and hardship have begun to rely on professional help.
Fitzgerald motors, dotti fitzgerald: there is a certain degree of trauma because some people know Sonny very well.
Some people know he will wave because he is very friendly.
Some people see the effect.
OKWU: In the most humble corner of the county, fear is the deepest. Fifty-four-year-
Old Prem Kumar Walekar was killed at this gas station.
Unidentified male: You always find yourself looking at your shoulders.
That\'s the feeling--
Nervous, you\'re just waiting for things to happen.
I noticed the siren more.
I also noticed more noise.
OKWU: within a mile, the customers of this beauty shop are different.
Sarah Ramos was shot while sitting on a bench just a few steps away from her.
Unidentified woman: people call to ask if it\'s safe-
It\'s safe to come in.
Lori Rivera was shot dead while vacuuming her van.
Others say the rules of their lives are normal.
Maybe bold, but not as cheeky as snipers try to change all the rules.
CNN reporter Michael Okwu reports that Montgomery County, Maryland. (END VIDEOTAPE)
BLITZER: This sniper seems to be sending chilling messages to D. C.
This is the case with local residents: no one is safe anywhere.
Elizabeth Cohen, our medical correspondent, is following the story.
Elizabeth, how do people deal with this fear?
Elizabeth cohen, CNN Medical Correspondent: Yes, because it\'s a fear of not being exposed.
This is really hard to deal.
The people I spoke to are dealing with this by rethinking every step of their daily life, all to find out how best to protect yourself and your family. (Start Video)
Matthew DavisC.
Resident: Raise your hand, please. Hand, please. COHEN (voice-over)
Do you take your children to school?
Do you still have books in the library?
Are you cheering?
The Davis family, Christine and Matthew, Nathan and Luke\'s parents, are now asking themselves these questions.
Kristen DavisC.
Resident: you can\'t think you\'re safe outside, you know? M.
Davis: they will do this calculation.
Well, it doesn\'t look like a busy street here.
He won\'t be here for sure.
But there is a park and some trees.
But you have to tell yourself not to think about this anymore.
You\'re taking your kids to school.
Cohen: Matthew is talking about snipers, and authorities say he has killed six people in the last eight days, possibly seven.
At first, although one of the attacks took place two miles from their home in the northwest of Washington, DC, the Davis tried not to worry. C. M.
Davis: Then a child was shot dead.
So you will think, I have children aged 4 and 6.
Will he be that low?
This is ridiculous.
The fact that you are going through this level of computing and doing your daily work is a rather strange way of life.
Give me a hug, a kiss.
Cohen: Strangely, at Nathan\'s school, children are not allowed to go out for any reason.
No rest, no outdoor sports. M.
Davis: The question is, will this still last for a week?
Will this last another month?
Is this our routine for another year?
Nothing\'s normal anymore.
Football practice is not held on the football field.
They\'re locked up in people\'s backyard.
Christine let her tank empty because she was afraid of refueling. C.
Davis: What it feels like when an anthrax heat attack occurs or a terrorist attack occurs.
It\'s like sometimes I feel like I live in the eyes of a big cow on my head.
Cohen: Matthew keeps covering the story online. COHEN (on-camera): He was a 53-year-
Old man from Gaithersburg, Maryland(voice-over)
He knows, no matter how good
He was told that it was not important.
He can only do what the experts tell him. -
Keep his child away from the news and talk to his wife about his concerns.
These attacks are so random that the anxiety of it is not over now. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Now a lot of people want to know what you say to kids?
Experts say it\'s what the Davis are doing.
Also, in school, for example, their 6-year-old goes to --
They did not tell the first grade students the exact reason why they could not go out on the playground.
They\'re making excuses. -
It\'s too cold. something\'s broken in the jungle gym--
Because they really don\'t feel ready to accept the truth.
BLITZER: I think it\'s fair to say, Elizabeth, all of us living in Washington, D. C. C.
The area was scared.
Our life has changed.
Cohen: of course.
BLITZER: hope this problem can be solved as soon as possible.
Thank you, Elizabeth Cohen.
My Next Guest says this is the mother of biological weapons.
But is smallpox the biggest threat to national security?
A look at the war with the superpowervirus.
Why did Andy Rooney\'s comments put him in trouble with women and many men? Stay with us. (
Business break)
BLITZER: earlier, we asked: \"in what war was smallpox first used as a weapon?
\"The answer is: the war between France and India is the war launched by the British Army against Native Americans.
The British distributed blankets to Native Americans that had been used by smallpox patients.
50% of the affected tribes died from the epidemic.
Last year\'s anthrax attack made the country aware of the threat of bioterrorism.
My Next Guest said the next wave could be super smallpox.
Richard Preston is the author of the new book, The Devil in the refrigerator.
\"He is joining us now from our New York bureau site.
Thank you for joining us, Richard.
Why do you believe-
Why do you say that smallpox, especially a new strain of the virus, may be more dangerous than other bioterrorism, including anthrax?
Richard Preston, author of The Devil in the refrigerator: natural smallpox is considered by most experts to be the most dangerous pathogen of human species.
There is no doubt, I think, that many countries in the world now have secret stocks that could be used as biological weapons.
Recently, just over the past year or so, there is new scientific evidence that it is possible to just add a specific gene to the flower, so that it can bypass the vaccine, make it prove or resistant to vaccines.
Virus Engineering itself has also become very easy.
This can be done with a kit of about $200.
I spent some time watching scientists actually make viruses.
I have already seen it.
One of them said to me, well, you know, you might learn to do that in about two months.
But I think the engineering of this virus, let\'s say, to make it more deadly, is actually more of the work of the National Laboratory, the secret biological weapons laboratory that may exist in some countries.
So who--when you say --
Wait, excuse me--
Some countries, some governments, some terrorists may have this situation, especially if the United StatesS.
Preston: Well, I think I thought about Iraq right away.
There is considerable indirect evidence that Iraq actually has smallpox.
Now, no one can say whether they will use it or not.
But the CIA\'s recent assessment of Iraq is a bit like the image of Saddam Hussein, in which it is at least possible if his back is on the wall and if he feels he has nothing to lose, then he could have caused terrorists --
The release of smallpox in American styleS. And --
So the question we have to ask is, you know, are we really ready to defend ourselves?
Policy :--what --what --
How do you envision a smallpox attack in the worst case?
Preston: The experts are very uncertain.
The virus is not known in biology.
Scientists, for example, do not even know the mechanism of human death.
We know so little about viruses.
So I don\'t know how fast it travels.
But we are a modern society.
We have strong mobility.
People travel by plane.
They go to the shopping center.
The virus spreads in the air.
So, in this case, it may spread quickly-
For example, I have heard some experts say that if the virus is released a little bit, say, 10 people end up getting the virus, it may be necessary to vaccinate up to 40 billion people quickly in order to stop the outbreak.
Then on a global scale, it could go global in about 15 weeks.
Many people around the world, not the United States, but people in many other countries, have no vaccine at all.
Policy: very simple--
So, are you saying that the government should immediately vaccinate all Americans to address this issue?
Yes, this is a great question.
I don\'t think so.
The vaccine itself is dangerous for some, and I think it would be wiser for only emergency health care providers and first-line doctors to start limited vaccinations.
It may only be on a voluntary basis.
But this is good because we will have some experience in using the vaccine.
If it is suddenly widely used, people will know it better and handle it better.
Richard Preston.
He has a new book, The Devil in the refrigerator.
\"I recommend it.
Thank you for joining us.
Nice to be with you, Wolf.
Now, let\'s go back to the showdown with Iraq \".
\"Iraq denies the United StatesS.
Its allegations of weapons of mass destruction.
In support of today\'s incident, Iraq has given journalists a visit to what they call a suspected weapons base.
Nick Robertson, our senior international correspondent, continues to report. (Start Video)
Nick Robertson, CNN senior correspondent
International journalists (voice-over)
: The Iraqi authorities have opened their doors to journalists to start a controversial Al-
Nasser heavy industry complex.
Purpose: to lift the blockade against the United States. S.
Accusing Iraq of using it to make components of a nuclear weapons project.
Iraqi weapons monitor hussan amin: your entry on this site is a signal or message from the Iraqi government indicating that this site is not involved in any activities related to so-called mass --
Weapons of mass destruction
Robertson: The first stop of the tour--
A machine store that is almost empty.
Interesting here, so
CNC machine. Computer-
Control and be able to work to the high tolerances required for nuclear and other industry-specific equipment.
Although, in the view of those who have not been trained, in a recent file, the United States appears to be very major-general in linking such manufacturing equipment to weapons of mass destruction, it believes that Iraq has sufficient manufacturing capacity to restart its nuclear weapons program.
How many people work here?
Min: I don\'t know, but maybe 2,000 to 3,000, I think.
Robertson: Iraqi officials say it\'s the best manufacturing base in Iraq, and that\'s why it\'s accused of involvement in weapons of mass destruction. S.
The reason for bombing it
We have seen that most of the content of the site does seem to support the Iraqi government\'s statement that Nasser is mainly used for civilian projects.
Make molds for glass factories and other applications, as well as cast iron and other metals.
The United States visited Iraqi official Nasser. N.
Before 1998, the weapons inspection team,N.
Video surveillance cameras placed around the scene.
However, they say the United StatesN.
All cameras were destroyed during the Allied bombing on 1998.
At the end of the visit, however, the question remains: how do technically untrained journalists know what they see?
Amin: you have seen it.
You met them.
Whole factory--
It\'s a machinery factory.
I can use--
Let me visit other departments with you.
Robertson: similar open-
Iraq says it plans to provide door policy to the United StatesN.
Weapons inspectors, if they come back. U. N.
Officials may be looking for a more detailed survey than the one provided today before they can give the site a clean health list.
CNN, Nick Robertson, the Nasser factory in Iraq. (END VIDEOTAPE)
BLITZER: Remember, you still have time to vote on our \"cyber issues\" today, and this is the case: Do you agree that the House vote authorizes President Bush to wage war against Iraq?
Go to my page: cnn. com/wolf.
You can vote there.
We will get results in this program later.
When we came back: he is famous for his comments, but now he may be notorious for his comments.
What\'s in Andy Rooney\'s mouth? (
Business break)
BLITZER: CBS veteran news commentator Andy Rooney has been charged with gender discrimination for making some comments on Boomer esi\'s cable talk show.
In a televised football match, Rooney attacked women who appeared as deputy journalists. (
Start Video Editing)
Andy Rooney from Cbs 60 Minutes: What really annoys me about TV reports is the damn women who don\'t know what they\'re talking about.
I mean, I\'m not a sex discrimination person, but it\'s no business for a woman to try to make some comments about a football match below. (END VIDEO CLIP)
BLITZER: The National Women\'s organizing committee says Rooney\'s comments are \"paranoid and insensitive \".
CBS said Rooney\'s comments were his own and did not reflect the online view.
A spokesman said Rooney would not comment further on the dispute.
We invited Rooney to the show through CBS, but he refused.
You don\'t have time to think about our cyber problem today: Do you agree that the House voted to authorize President Bush to fight Iraq?
Logon to cnn.
Vote Com/wolf.
When we came back, it turned out. (
Business break)
BLITZER: this is official: CNN has now learned that the shooting last night in Manassas, Virginia, and Prince William County took place outside Washington, D. C. C. --
These tests show that it is relevant, and it is related to the shooting earlier in the greater Washington, D. C. C. area.
The same weapon, the same ammunition, the same bullet did be used, killing 53 peopleyear-
Old Gaithersburg, Maryland
A man who filled the car with oil at the gas station-
This gas station
Sunoco gas station in Manassas, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. C.
Our Ed lavadala, he\'s on the scene.
He has more details.
Unfortunately Ed is not ready yet.
As soon as he\'s ready, we go to Ed.
But we can confirm that, in fact, the ballistic evidence does link this latest shooting with the shooting that happened earlier in greater Washington, D. C. C. area.
Six people were killed earlier.
Six people were killed and two seriously injured in the shooting.
The seventh confirmed it. -a 53-year-
Old Maryland is fueling his pump. -
He refuel at a gas station in Manassas, Virginia.
I think Ed lavadala is ready.
He\'s live with us now.
Ed, what other information do you have?
Rawaldra: Well, the information we got from the Prince William County police is now in the form of a press release, even though we have--
It has been informed that the chief of police will be here soon to address the press on these developments.
This is basically--
All of this work started after the latest shooting incident at Prince\'s place around 8: 15 last night. -
In Manassas, Virginia, in Prince William County, south of Washington, DC. C.
The press release said the shooting had a decisive connection with the rest of Washington, D. C. C.
Metropolitan area
I think the authorities here have been suspicious of this because the initial message, like the one that started out last night, heard a shot and also the white van that was seen at the crime scene. And that --
The latest shooting also took place at a gas station, similar to the other two.
Some of the initial information led the police to initially say that the information was not conclusive at the time, which is the current situation, but there is enough information ---
This is enough to convince them that it could be very similar to the other shooting incidents in Washington, D. C. C. area.
Now, the ballistic test conducted today finally proves to the authorities investigating the case that it is also related to other shooting incidents in the area, and the authorities will now continue to cooperate with other authorities-
Both the FBI and the federal authorities are working to solve this problem. -
Trying to catch this killer. -Wolf.
Ed lavadala, thank you for your report.
We will always wait for the official press conference. -
Law enforcement in Prince William County, Virginia, outside Washington.
Everything we didn\'t want to hear: We just heard, yes, in fact, there was a connection to the last shooting incident that took place in the Washington area last night.
Before we leave, let me tell you how you see our network problem today.
Our question is: Do you agree that the House voted to authorize President Bush to wage war against Iraq? Thirty-
7% said yes, 63% said no.
You can find the exact voting record. -
By the way, keep voting. -
On my website, cnn. com/wolf.
Remember, this is not--repeat, not --
Scientific investigation.
That\'s all the time we have today.
Please join me again. m. Eastern.
Of course, please join us on our new show \"Showdown: Iraq\", which is at noon in the east every working day.
My guest Salman Rushdie is here tomorrow.
Before that, thank you very much for watching.
I\'m Wolf Blitzer from Washington.
The next step is \"lou dobbs money line \".
To order a video of this transcript, please call 800-CNN-
News or use our secure online order at www. fdch. Murder;
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