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cnc scissor chair (plywood)

by:QY Precision      2019-10-14
CNC plywood = furniture.
Search for instructures and you will find more than 47,000 results for \"CNC furniture.
But for the vast majority of CNC machines-the 2-
1/2 axis CNC router that can only move in X, Y and Z (
No tilt or rotation controller)--
A very specific condition has become part of almost all the projects that lead to orthogonal connections.
Orthogonal joint, essentially a product of tight connection requirements
Combining the \"gap\" with the friction is a decisive feature of this furniture.
The design of the \"scissors chair\" project was inspired
The orthogonal joint cutting on the machine that can only cut the orthogonal (non-beveled)profiles.
The finished chair is just as pure a CNC project as I can manage it: it only needs a standard 1/2 plywood with no extra parts, no hardware, no glue and no other tools (
Except for a hammer that lets it know who the boss is).
Scissors chair will be one of the first chairs purchased through Fabsie, a new website designed to allow people to buy small chairs that are beautifully designed
By connecting buyers with local fabber and digital designers from all over the world, furniture is run anywhere in the world.
Fabsie\'s founder, James McBennett, made the world\'s second scissors chair.
He is working on the smooth completion of the manufacturing process to open the design anywhere!
There are more and more photos on my website ,(
Click \"scissors chair\" once you get there \").
I will share the DXF file with anyone who sends an email via academic email (\". edu\");
In exchange, I ask you to send back photos of your process and finished chair and let me know of any difficulties you have encountered during the production process.
The goal is to solve the problems people are having in the production process: if you get the documents, it is not a license to distribute or sell the documents or finished chairs. From the top (plan)
In the view, the design of the final chair depends on the complex carpentry required to allow flat paper to intersect in this way.
For this orthogonalbut-
Not an orthogonal design, a series of oblique joints with straight cuts are the generating parts of the chair. Tight friction-
Tilt part to keep fit joint.
The joints on the right side were later abandoned as the design developed more purely towards the \"scissors\" plan.
The design features a perfect \"scissors\" plane/top view.
The \"tight density\" change in the profile of the scissors joint and chair facilitates multiple design iterations under the same principle.
In order to test the structure and design of the chair, a laser cutting test of 1:4 was carried out.
The 1/8 thick masonite makes it possible to accurately test the close fit of the joint: the file is reduced to 25% and the material is exactly 25% of the final 1/2 layer thickness.
The whole chair was cut off from a full 1/2 thick 4 x 8\' sheet.
The details in the final file can be cut corners wide in order to provide space for the 1/8 router bit to cut the profile without breaking the geometry.
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