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cnc safety

by:QY Precision      2019-11-30
Safey is vital to anything you do.
Of course, CNC is more important when you use a machine that cuts steel.
Any topic about working in a store should start with safety.
Your safety and the safety of others should always be in your mind.
CNC is no different from any other store theme.
In fact, the highest level of safety awareness should be maintained when using CNC machines.
The CNC machine has no idea of its own.
The computer gives them a command and they execute it.
They don\'t care if they cut steel, aluminum, wood or your hand.
They don\'t distinguish material.
You need to be aware of this.
When you study CNC, you should take your time.
Do small-scale testing and then observe and understand what happens.
For example, when you get it for the first time, why not let your machine cut the air for a while.
You don\'t need to put it in the correct position of the cutting material.
Why not create a simple program that lets the machine cut the air instead of the material.
Better yet, why run the spindle in the test.
Every CNC machine has a quirk you need to learn.
Each CNC machine has a different working envelope.
Each CNC machine is slightly different from other machines.
It is in your best interest to learn the machine before you put it into work.
Generally speaking, we process something with a CNC machine.
The chip was thrown away during processing.
Sometimes the speed is very fast.
This is where safety glasses, masks and material barriers work. Use them!
The machine does not know where you are standing.
In the words of the boxing referee before each game, always protect yourself!
Several ideas to keep you safe in the store: always read the instructions before using your machine. Always follow the manufacturer\'s advice, sell the way to wear safety glass, wear the appropriate individual for your work when processing, shielding and barrier is appropriate, before full production, carry out proper daily maintenance of your machine, carry out wear and damage inspection of your machine, always think safe!
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