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CNC precision parts machining and fixture machining matters needing attention

by:QY Precision      2020-04-11
CNC lathe machining has many contents, including many aspects, especially in CNC precision parts machining and fixture machining, these words are often used. These are all precautions during processing, and we need to be familiar with them. 1. Matters needing attention in CNC precision parts processing (1) When the workpiece is too high, it should be layered with a knife of different lengths. After using the broadsword to open the coarse, the residual material should be removed with a knife; (2) The plane is processed with a file, and the ball knife is used less to reduce the processing time; If there is slope and it is an integer, apply a slope knife; (3) Reasonably set the tolerance so that the machining accuracy and computer calculation time are balanced, and more processes are done to reduce the empty knife time; (4)The hardness of the blank material is high, and the reverse milling is selected; The hardness of the blank material is low, and the milling is selected. Rough reverse milling, finishing forward milling; (5) The tool material has good toughness and low hardness to adapt to rough machining. The tool material has poor toughness and high hardness to adapt to finishing. 2. Matters needing attention in fixture processing (1) Part clamping method and fixture selection CNC lathe machining the clamping method of the machined part should also reasonably select the positioning reference and clamping scheme. When selecting the fine reference, it is generally followed. Benchmark unification'And IBenchmark coincidence' These two principles, in addition to these two principles, we have to consider: a. As far as possible, all surfaces should be machined in a single positioning and clamping process. Therefore, a positioning method that is convenient for each surface to be machined should be selected; B. When the workpiece is clamped once, it should be able to complete the processing of all surfaces of the workpiece; C. When determining the position of the workpiece on the workbench, it should be considered that the processing of each station, the length of the tool and the rigidity of the tool have an impact on the processing quality; D. Fixtures used in control processing should be selected as far as possible by general-purpose components and adjustable fixtures to shorten the production preparation cycle. (2) The arrangement of fixture processing sequence when arranging processing sequence, the basic principle must be observed, including'First face after hole','First coarse and then fine' In addition to these basic principles, we should also follow the following principles: a. According to the centralized process of tool processing, avoid repeated use of the same tool many times, and reduce the number and time of tool change; B. Hole systems with high coaxiality requirements should be processed after the processing of the hole system is completed after one positioning, this can eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system; C. Select a good tool point and a tool change point. Once it is determined, it should not be replaced. These are the matters needing attention in CNC precision parts processing and fixture processing. For more information about this, please consult Shenzhen fuchengxi technology.
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