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CNC precision machining in China that is 'big'

by:QY Precision      2020-01-25
After 20 years of development, a large number of listed companies and well-known brands have emerged in the field of CNC precision machining in China. With the intensification of competition in the hardware parts processing industry, the leading enterprises in precision mechanical parts processing have also undergone a thorough reshuffle. Many CNC machining customization enterprises that were in the middle of the year have disappeared, and some emerging CNC precision machining enterprises have begun to lead the market. However, it was the complete industrial chain Foundation left by these CNC machining customization enterprises that explored the road in those days (Including efficient industrial workers and engineers) It makes it possible for China's precision mechanical parts processing to gradually become bigger and stronger in the global field. Looking back on the development of the CNC lathe processing industry in the past 20 years, we know that a precision mechanical parts processing enterprise 'big' does not necessarily represent 'strong', and the scale is not the essence of strengthening, from bigger to stronger, it is not only a role change but also a matter of time for Chinese hardware parts processing enterprises. Of course, thanks to the endless emergence of these precision mechanical parts processing enterprises, the saying 'China is a big manufacturing country' has emerged, and the name of the world factory has also followed. How big is China's precision mechanical parts processing industry? Generally speaking, the industrial added value of this industry accounts for 22% of China's manufacturing sector. If more specific, we will rank the listed companies and global listed companies registered in China's CNC precision machining field by industry classification. China's precision machining of mechanical parts is large and complete: first, almost all manufacturing companies in the world are involved in Chinese hardware parts processing companies-- It's like Chinese athletes take part in almost every event of the Olympics; Secondly, the global market share of CNC precision machining in China is indeed very high-- It's like Chinese athletes have the potential to rush gold in every Olympic event.
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