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CNC precision machining factory--Worthy of long-term cooperation

by:QY Precision      2020-02-20
In the past, CNC precision machining business relied on running errands. a cnc precision machining factory visited it, which required time and energy. The rise of the Internet has also changed the business model of CNC lathe processing. You can find the Shenzhen CNC machining factory you want by searching online. Last year, Mr. Wan contacted our company by searching for 'Shenzhen CNC machining factory. Because I accidentally entered our website and saw our CNC precision mechanical parts processing works, I felt that the appearance was very good, just because their company developed new products, I just want to cooperate with our Shenzhen CNC machining factory. Through the communication with Mr. Wan, it is known that because they are doing CNC precision parts processing, the surface requirements for CNC precision machining are very high. The processing of non-standard mechanical parts made before was semi-transparent brown, which was repeated many times over and over again. The effect of dyeing was lump and lump, and the delivery date was delayed, making everyone very unhappy, there is no cooperation behind, of course, this is not a Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturer. This time, Mr. Wan started looking for CNC machining in Shenzhen directly on the Internet, which led to the previous story. They are also samples of brown color. After the Shenzhen CNC machining technology department got the drawings, they asked the material supplier whether there were any brown raw materials of this size according to the size. After asking a lot, they found a suitable supplier. In order to avoid uneven dyeing of CNC parts in the later stage of machining, relevant purchases try their best to inquire about the whole plate, and the uneven situation is completely avoided after CNC precision machining. The customer said that our Shenzhen CNC machining factory is a trustworthy partner. If there is a need for CNC parts processing, we will continue to choose to cooperate with Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers.
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