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CNC precision machinery processing factory, layout high-speed CNC machining charging terminal

by:QY Precision      2020-02-20
If you want to find the most familiar group of highways, you must have representatives from CNC precision machinery processing plants. For example, the location of many Shenzhen CNC precision machining manufacturers is very close to the expressway. The transportation of CNC machining equipment, materials and products requires convenient transportation. However, the traffic jam at the entrance and exit of the expressway must be accompanied by complaints from Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. In fact, high-speed customs clearance terminals have been continuously improved over the years, and are closely related to intelligent CNC processing products. For example, in the past, the simple manual payment also required the intelligent terminal of CNC machining to read the journey of the vehicle to charge. Then there was ETC payment, which did not need manual processing and was all electronically processed. These terminal products also came from CNC precision machinery processing factory. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers introduced that with the development of the times and the development of logistics, ETC payment can not meet the current demand for high-speed customs clearance, and traffic jams begin every holiday. The upgrading of electronic products has brought business opportunities to CNC precision machinery processing plants. The improvement of CNC machining technology has also promoted the upgrading of electronic products. For example, the introduction of the latest intelligent CNC machining toll terminal at the entrance and exit of the expressway can realize the license plate payment. No manual charge, no mobile phone payment, no parking to pick up the card, as long as the vehicle passes through the Channel with the intelligent CNC processing charging terminal, the license plate is sensed, and the fee can be automatically deducted, and send the charge information to the user's mobile phone. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers pointed out that through intelligent CNC machining charging terminals, it can greatly alleviate the congestion of high-speed entrance and exit charges, and also provide technical support for the country to cancel high-speed provincial toll stations, it is estimated that it will be promoted nationwide in the next two years. The CNC precision machinery processing factory, which used to focus on ETC terminals, should immediately transform and begin to lay out CNC machining charging terminals. Otherwise, the new high-speed customs clearance CNC machining products are opportunities for others.
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