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CNC parts machining process and CNC machining problems

by:QY Precision      2020-03-08
CNC parts machining process and CNC machining problems _ about CNC parts machining process CNC parts machining is a method for machining some parts on CNC lathe, CNC machine tools and traditional machine tool processing technology are basically the same, and there is no big difference. It mainly solves the problems of changeable parts, small batches, complex shapes and high precision requirements. The CNC machining process is relatively fine. For example, the surface of the support shaft neck passes through multiple CNC precision machining processes such as rough turning, fine turning, rough grinding and final grinding, and there are some heat treatment processes in the middle, to reduce deformation caused by internal stress. For example, when these CNC machining will have noise, the noise is mainly generated by oil pumps and valves. When the valve has noise, the reason is that the flow rate exceeds the rated standard and the flow rate should be adjusted appropriately; When the oil pump has noise, the reasons and their corresponding solutions are also various, such as high viscosity and low oil temperature, and the solution is to raise the oil temperature; When there are bubbles in the oil, the air in the system should be released and so on. Some problems with CNC machining: 1. The metal processing capacity of the middle frame increases. The 3D glass shell mobile phone has high metal strength requirements. The 6,7 series aluminum alloy can barely meet, but more will tend to be stainless steel, the difficulty of stainless steel processing will increase the working hours; 2. CNC machining graphite mold quantity increases 3D glass hyperbolic screen. CNC machining is very uneconomical, with long working hours and low efficiency. At present, hot bending machines are basically used, the hot bending process replaces a large part of CNC machining, and the hot bending of glass requires more graphite furnace molds, so some CNC production capacity will shift from metal machining to graphite mold machining; 3. CNC machining metal steering glass grinding edge in order to fit the screen with the mobile phone, 3D glass needs finishing grinding edge, so some CNC will turn to glass grinding edge.
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