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cnc machining standards and tool selection parameter requirements

by:QY Precision      2020-03-05
Dongguan cnc machining standards and tool selection parameter requirements _ in the future, no matter which product is processed, it will become the mainstream machining mode, what Xiaobian wants to say is the importance of cutting tools in Dongguan cnc machining. The choice of tools will directly affect the quality of processed products. Dongguan Huili hardware is very strict for cnc machining. Let's follow the company to understand the cnc machining standards and tool selection parameters: about cnc machining standards: 1. First of all, it depends on the drawings of cnc machining parts and cnc machining technical requirements you need; 2, look at the precious degree of cnc machining parts materials, different materials in different places; 3, the general parts are calculated according to the material cost processing fee profit, cnc processing costs need to be determined by the process, using different cnc processing equipment, the price is very different, such as turning time, of course, there are also calculations according to the process; 4, the number of cnc machined parts, if the number of cnc machined parts is relatively large, cnc machining costs are not easy, cnc machined parts are relatively small, you find someone else to process, will not be very high; 5, the problem of the processing plant if the parts processing plant can handle it by itself, of course, there is no problem. If the processing plant itself has some processes to be outsourced, the price will increase accordingly. If you are already an outsourcing, it is equivalent to two outsourcing! So looking for a processing factory also needs to find the right one, find what they can do and do well. Parameter requirements for cnc machining tool selection: 1. Reducing the main deflection angle appropriately can improve the heat dissipation conditions of cnc machining and reduce the average temperature in the machining area. 2. Under the condition of maintaining the strength of the blade, the front angle is appropriately selected larger. On the one hand, the sharp edge can be ground out, and the cutting deformation can be reduced, so that the chip removal is smooth, thereby reducing the cutting force and cutting temperature. Small plait reminds operators not to use negative front angle tools. 3. Spiral angle some cnc machining manufacturers in order to make the milling stable and reduce the milling force, it is recommended that you adjust the spiral angle as much as possible. 4. The size of the rear corner has a direct influence on the wear of the rear cutter surface and the quality of the machined surface. Cutting thickness is an important condition for selecting the rear angle. Dongguan cnc machining is slightly different in rough milling and fine milling. Why? During rough milling, due to the large feed rate, heavy cutting load and large calorific value, the heat dissipation conditions of the tool are required, so the rear angle should be smaller. During fine milling, sharp cutting edge is required to reduce friction between the rear cutter surface and the machined surface and elastic deformation. Therefore, the rear angle should be larger.
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