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by:QY Precision      2020-01-06
CNC machining machine tool maintenance and CNC machining precautions _ for CNC machining, as long as CNC machining equipment (CNC machining machine) Word of mouth is well done, the price is reasonable, CNC machining has a leading advantage in the industrial market, but they often ignore the operation and maintenance of the most important CNC machining machine. At the same time, the matters needing attention in CNC machining should also be understood. Let's take a look at them together. About CNC machining machine operation 1. Before the machine, confirm the type, size and processing allowance of the processed blank against the program list and remove the sand and polish the blank. 2. After the machine, confirm the position of the workpiece and the processing sequence, and complete the comparison action. 3. If you need to'Fen zhong bang' In the middle, the rotation speed is 501R/M. If the rotation speed is used in the tool, it depends on the tool. In the process, it should be noted that the number must be taken at the same height to ensure the accuracy of the division, available after the end of the minute G0 G54 X0 Y0'Carry out inspection. 4. Before formal processing, the programmer should finally confirm the position of the workpiece and whether the retrieval is correct. About the maintenance of CNC machining machine tools 1. Clean and maintain the cnc machining Machine half an hour before going to work every day. If you use an air gun or an oil gun to clean the chips, there must be a knife on the spindle. It is forbidden to blow the spindle taper hole with an air gun or an oil gun to prevent small particles such as chips from being blown into the spindle hole, which affects the cleanliness of the spindle. 2. Check whether the lubricating machine works normally, whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and start the machine in normal order. 3. Start the spindle before the cnc machining machine is officially working (Speed is 501R/M)To preheat the spindle. Matters needing attention in CNC machining: 1. Before each program is processed, it is necessary to strictly confirm whether the tool is consistent with the program. 2. When loading the tool, it is necessary to confirm the length of the tool and whether the selected cutter head is suitable. 3. In the same workpiece, each tool should be kept in the same area to ensure the accuracy of the tool when the tool is connected. 4. In the rough program, try to blow with air, and spray in the smooth knife program. 5. Before the light knife is sprayed, the aluminum slag in the cnc machining machine should be cleaned to prevent the aluminum slag from absorbing oil. 6. Operators are not allowed to leave cnc machining machines or regularly check the Operation Status of cnc machining machines during the self-operation of cnc machining machines. If they need to leave halfway, they must designate relevant personnel to check. 7. If the machining allowance is found to be too large during the machining process, it must be usedSingle segment'Or'Pause' After clearing the values of X, Y and Z, manually milling them off and then shaking them back. 'Zero'Let it run on its own. 8. If a knife crash is found during processing, the operator must stop immediately, such as pressing'Emergency stop'Button or'Reset key'Button or put'Feed rate'Adjust to zero, etc. 9. In cnc machining machine operation, it is forbidden to start the door to avoid flying knives or flying workpieces. 10. Workpiece after getting off the plane must be clean up deburring. 11. At the end of work, the operator must make timely and accurate handover to ensure that the subsequent processing can proceed normally. Before shutdown, ensure that the tool library is in the original position, the XYZ axis is stopped in the center position, and the power supply and total power supply on the cnc machining machine operation panel are turned off in turn. 13. When you encounter thunderstorms, you must immediately cut off the power and stop working.
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