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CNC machining: how to correctly use CNC machining tools

by:QY Precision      2020-03-04
Dongguan CNC machining: how to correctly use CNC machining tools _ CNC machining tools, using a variety of tools and materials, and engraving and milling materials are very wide, hard to a variety of metals, marble, soft to PVC, plexiglass, double glass, etc. Therefore, what kind of material is used for engraving and milling, what kind of tools are used, processing a good product, and having a good tool is very important. CNC machining (Cnc machining) The requirements for the tool are not only sharp, but also whether its model, size, material and parameters are appropriate, which will affect the quality and efficiency of engraving and milling. Reasonable CNC machining tool selection and optimized machining methods are very important for improving machining efficiency and prolonging CNC machining tool life, especially when processing aviation parts of difficult-to-process materials. A high-quality CNC machining tool for difficult machining materials must have ultra-fine grain CNC machining tool matrix, sharp machining angle, strong machining edge, heat-resistant surface coating, etc. According to the application experience of processing difficult materials in the past, the reasonable selection of processing methods and parameters is very important for processing such difficult materials, the use of special machining techniques is very effective for improving machining efficiency and prolonging the life of CNC machining tools. No matter which processing method is used, the purpose is to minimize the temperature of the tip of the machined part and the area to be machined, to prevent the surface of the machined part from hardening and the temperature of the tip from being too high, increase heat dissipation area and control processing force. For example, the use of cycloid and large feed milling can improve its machining efficiency and prolong the life of CNC machining tools. There are also sufficient cooling, proper machining line speed, effective chip breaking and reasonable CNC machining tool wrapping angle, which are very effective in controlling the tool tip temperature. For CNC machine tools and CNC machining tools with internal cooling at the same time, the internal cooling function that is most conducive to cooling should be used as much as possible so that a strong high-pressure water flow can take away a large amount of processing heat, ensure that the processing area remains within a certain temperature range. Even for machining equipment without internal cooling function, it is recommended to use external internal cooling handle while increasing cooling pressure and improving cooling effect. Therefore, the reasonable use of CNC machining tools can produce more precise hardware products and precision parts.
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