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CNC machining, how to choose CNC precision machining factory?

by:QY Precision      2020-02-21
The development of CNC precision machining industry cannot be separated from CNC precision machining manufacturers. For CNC machining customers, they will not pay attention to the development of the industry, they only care about how to choose manufacturers. The more prosperous the industry, the more manufacturers will be, but for customers, the selection is becoming less and less easy. How to choose the right one is already a big problem. Some people also say that it is luck to select a suitable supplier among so many CNC precision machining manufacturers. In fact, what suits you is the best. CNC machining suppliers that satisfy customers must consider problems for customers, rather than simply taking orders to do business. One choice, long-term cooperation, is the most ideal. CNC precision machining service is all-round, not a simple quotation, signing, delivery to complete the cooperation. Many customers who are looking for CNC precision machining manufacturers for the first time only care about the price in the process of inquiry, and can cooperate if the price meets expectations. In fact, the price is only part of the service, and the price is not the whole of cooperation. The price is low, and the whole service of CNC machining is definitely not what you want. Recently, I received a customer who wants to do CNC machining made of iron, rose gold, and the price cannot exceed that of 12 yuan. He took the target price to inquire, and there has been no suitable CNC precision machining supplier to cooperate. We looked at his drawings and knew that the price was surprisingly low, and many CNC precision machining manufacturers could not cover the cost. We first asked the customer that there is no room for negotiation. If we insist on this price, CNC precision machining manufacturers will lose money. The customer thought for a moment and could raise 2 yuan. We feel that we still have sincere customers. If we add 2 yuan and have more than 50 pieces of processing capacity, we can also cooperate. The customer also agreed.
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