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CNC machining customization, used in college entrance examination

by:QY Precision      2020-02-23
The college entrance examination at the beginning of next month is also a technical college entrance examination for the CNC machining customization industry. This year, for the first time in the college entrance examination room in Guangdong province, the intelligent face brushing certification product of CNC machining center was launched. According to the introduction of CNC machining manufacturers, through face authentication technology, candidates' identity authentication, photo collection, seat inquiry and all subsequent examination services can be realized on the intelligent terminal customized by CNC machining . . . . . . In the past, every time I went to the college entrance examination, there were always a few candidates who forgot to bring their ID cards and missed the exam. I regret it for life. With the development of CNC machining customization technology, more and more intelligent terminals have begun to enter life, and the college entrance examination room has also been in contact with CNC machining manufacturers. This year, the enterprise that provides CNC machining customized intelligent terminal products for Guangdong province is from Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers. Opportunity to pay attention to those who are prepared! The CNC processing customized products certified by the college entrance examination are not only this year. Shenzhen's CNC machining manufacturers have been committed to the research of face recognition technology in this field in the past few years, and have accumulated successful experience in other face authentication occasions. According to a CNC machining center, if it is not successful in other fields, such CNC machining customized products cannot be applied in the scene of the college entrance examination from the beginning, with a slight mishap, the impact on candidates is a lifetime. Because nearly 800 thousand of the examinees in Guangdong will enter the examination room of the college entrance examination on the same day, and the intelligent certification tools customized by CNC processing will be certified by 800 thousand of the examinees at the same time on the same day, strict requirements are put forward for the background system of CNC machining center. Many black technologies of artificial intelligence and cloud services are applied on this platform in order to meet the identity authentication needs of so many candidates in a short period of time. There is less than a month to prepare!
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