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CNC machining customization to solve customer problems

by:QY Precision      2020-02-23
Since CNC machining customization, if there are problems that customers can't solve, it must be that you haven't met a suitable processing factory yet. This is not the case. Recently, a customer named Sichuang Technology found us. He consulted many suppliers in the Shenzhen CNC lathe processing industry and got their processing drawings, saying that they could not be processed. We looked at it, but it was not difficult, mainly due to the lack of equipment in other homes. For CNC machining customization, as long as there is a five-axis processing machine, there is no precision that cannot be processed. Si Chuang Technology, a customer with high precision requirements, requires 0 on the drawings for precision mechanical parts processing. , Many Shenzhen colleagues are daunting. Haha, the customer has designed for a long time, we will definitely not let the other party down, although the delivery is very fast, we can also make it in a short time. In order to cooperate with the customer's new products, the technical team of our processing plant also proposed optimization suggestions for the customer's processing drawings, and the customers also recognized it. Although it takes a little time to optimize the drawings customized by CNC machining, it needs to be further compressed for the already in a hurry. However, in order to have a better market effect, even if we push back and forth, even if we work overtime 24 hours a day, we will do our best for our customers and always put them first. Respect customers, understand customers, such cooperation can last for a long time. After several days of hard work in our processing plant, we finally presented our customers with almost perfect CNC customized products, and the plan to launch new products can be carried out as scheduled, making them feel that our service is very considerate, it is worth long-term cooperation.
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